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Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Wizards Steve, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. So when was the last time you printed one of your shots? Anyone else find they only ever see their photos on a computer screen?

    I know a few months ago the podcast touched on actually getting out and printing some photos but how often do you guys actually print off your work?

    I know I hadn't printed anything for ages (I'm probably talking years here!) until the other day when I printed a picture of the boy and my wife for mothers day. I got a nice 10x8 frame for it and must say, though the photo itself was pretty s***, it looked awesome to actually have a picture in the real world.

    I'm now going to make it my mission to print a photo per month, even if I do nothing more with it than keep it in a draw.
  2. Hur. Has this site always moderated naughty words?

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  3. Now I know where the line is!
  4. lol.. Yeah, I really like getting stuff printed. Digital cameras and computers today make it so easy to view stuff in so much detail that you can really loose sight of how good your photos are. Viewing a file out of my 7D at 100% is like standing 6' from a billboard and wondering why it looks like crap... Getting a 8x10 printed shows that it is beautiful.

    Personally I try not to view anything more then 50% on screen and like you said @Wizards Steve get something printed at least once a month. The $2 I will spend up at Costco is worth it if for nothing more then my own self esteem! lol

  5. I love getting stuff printed off, although since Christmas I've only had one lot done and that was the film I sent in.

    Personally, I love having pictures in albums, old school though that is the tactile feel is unbeatable by any ipad, no matter how fancy it gets. My one tip for anyone doing this is go for 7x5 prints and albums, and crop accordingly, it's a way nicer size than 8x6.

    @Wizards Steve regarding the swear filter, my experience is that the words you expect (and would possibly like) it to bleep out, it doesn't, making you look like some sort of a potty mouth just because you typed them. Also, in what world is sperm a naughty word?
  6. I forgot to mention that the majority of the photos I have had printed as of late have come from either photos of the boy (given) or the assignments on here. The assignments are cool because they are normally out of my normal scope so it gives some variety. Good times!

  7. I printed a load just before Christmas and have to say I was really stunned by how different they looked in physical form. Made me want to print more and I even went out a bought a load of new photo frames to put some on the walls. Guess what......they're still not on the wall. I'd definitely go along with the 7x5 size though, that and 10 x 8.
  8. Way back in time when I had a very basic film camera, I managed to fill four or five huge albums of the kids from new born babies through all the cute stages of them growing up.
    Since going digital and more importantly, cute kids turning into snarling teenagers, I've lost interest in keeping a record of ice cream smeared faces and trips to the beach.
    I think the last thing I had printed was the 6 box canvas pictures taken at the Chelsea flower show 2 years ago!
    Maybe 2012 is the year to return to printing?
  9. The last image I had printed out was A3 in size, all nice and black and white, but the print company I used somehow managed to make it purple :(

    But I'm looking at getting a decent printer so I can have a folder of my work to show people.

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  10. I got a few printed recently (6 - 6x4's, 1 - 6x10 and another but can't remember the size) all to fill frames I already have. The plan is to put them up as a random collection jumbled together going up the stairs. Havent' done it yet as they would have been knocked off whilst moving a double bed upstairs when the in-laws moved in and then down again when they moved out 4 weeks later.

    Must get round to putting them up now...
  11. I just ordered some and the arrived the other day. A few 8x10 and 6x9 portraits. Then I got the bug and ordered a load more. Now I'm tempted to get even more!

    My wife is clearing out the local shops of cheap frames to put them in so we can hang them on the wall :)
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  12. For those of us in the UK, Boots has a half price sale on all photo frames at the moment. I'm picking up usable 8x10 frames for £5.
  13. @Ade968 Thanks for the tip dude.

    A little bummed with my most recent sets of prints as they have both got a colour cast (they're from black and white film). Didn't notice at first, until I put them next to the last lot I had done and then it was quite noticeable.

    Oh well, emailed the company who did them, they seem like a decent lot so hopefully they'll sort them out.
  14. @moroseduck shame, I hate when that happens. I'm entirely digital but even then you have to watch out as many consumer level services auto enhance your photos. I'm using Photobox at the moment which has an option to not enhance so at least my prints look like what I send in.

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