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Discussion in 'Website updates' started by Chris, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. The forums here is a brand new software and is still in Beta testing and so there could be some bugs.
    If you see any please post them in here so that I can post them over at Xenforo so they can get fixed on any upcoming versions.
  2. Dunno if it's a bug or if it's wide-spread or if it's just me. But the front page articles takes soooooooooo long to load.
  3. Cheers for letting me know, I do notice it myself from time to time. I'll see if there are wordpress plugins to speed things up a bit. Ironically I thought these forums would be slower
  4. Sometimes I get the following message when I am using the "Upload a File" button: "The contents of the uploaded image do not match the file's extension". Said extension is .jpg and the image, at least on my Windows 7 laptop, handles exactly like any other .jpg file. This is not a regular occasion but I do not know from one file to the next if it will work.
  5. Will do if it's not accepting a jpg that's a big problem, could you email me the file so I can check?
  6. Emailed.
  7. Cool will check on Photoshop at home and see what the difference is
  8. Eh? Are you in work? Oh yes the clocks changed over here this morning so you are only seven hours ahead of me now...
  9. Nah I was in the shopping mall and michiyo was in some bra shop so I was using my phone. The clocks went backwards by an hour right? If that's the case I'm probably 9 hours ahead of GMT
  10. Yes you are +9 on GMT...
  11. I just found the issue with this - it was the bookmarks pugin for the bottom of the page - I turned it off and now it works fine.
    If you find its slow again please tell me
  12. just reviewing this thread and I'm surprised for beta software that nobody has any issues
  13. Not sure if it's to do with the software or not but I'm getting an error message a lot when trying to get into threads to read them. If I click to see a list of what's new and then select a thread about half the time I get an "error - the requested page cannot be found", even when trying to view my own introduction thread - so I know it's defo there.

    This means I haven't been able to view many topics :(
  14. The thing is this software is still beta so it still has some bugs. I have just tried logging in as you again and didnt have any problems. is it only when you go through that 'whats new' section or even when you just click on threads?

    Does it happen when you are not logged in?

    If you can send any pictures and URLs of what you're seeing it would be helpful too. If we can't fix it I'll see if what the developers say, maybe its a known bug they are working on fixing
  15. Its ok Chris I think I've found the cause of the problem for me. I've only really been on the site whilst at work (having a 6 month old in the house means little time to do anything let alone being on the net) and at work they are still using IE7 and I've noticed that many sites are no longer fully supporting IE7.

    When I do use the site when at home (such as now) I have no issues what so ever. [​IMG]
  16. Cheers for letting me know mate, I kinda figured as much - some work places do some weird things to your browser to make sure you arn't looking at naughty stuff during work hours. [​IMG]
  17. I know there was a boo boo with permissions a bit back but I can't see any way to edit any of my own posts on here.
  18. There is an edit button underneath anything you post, but its only there for a litte while, I think even if you just refresh the page the option goes away.

    Another forum I use for motorcycling only allows edits of post up to 1 hour after posting.
  19. Ok so even right after posting the Edit button didn't work. I clicked it right after posting and the page just didnt do anything, apart from the little loading icons in the top right corner. So I refreshed the page but after that the option isn't available anymore.

    So no I can't see any working way of editing posts [​IMG]
  20. I think the timing was probably messed up when things changed - ill look into. I actually don't mind people amending their own posts

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