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  1. Can anyone recommend any free software to do a bit of light touching up?
    I dont have a very good computer so dont really want anything to resource heavy, in fact I have an absolute dog of a net book but hey ho.
    Any info would be ace,
  2. try 'gimp' I think it's about the best free one out there. Might be a little heavy for a netbook but that's gonna be the case for pretty much any proper editing software as it's quite a resource heavy process in the first place.

    make sure you put a longer search string into google than just 'gimp' unless you like specialist websites ;-)
  3. Thanks Random, Ive just downloaded Gimp but its getting late so I'll have a play around with it tomorrow.
  4. GIMP is great.. some say even better then full blown Photoshop! If that turns out to be more then what your looking for I would recommend Picassa from Google.. Not only is it an amazing way to organize and share it has some really nice editing options. They also just recently updated it to add even more editing power.

    After that I would look into the online editors. PicNik is the only one that comes to mind, but there are several out there. Good luck!

  5. i read somewhere that gimp stands for 'graphic image manipulation program' not sure if thats just in my head but im sure i saw it somewhere.

    random rubbish of the day

  6. Go wash your mouth out with soap...and bleach...and that stuff that gets stubborn stains off your oven...and the contents of your car battery!
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  7. If your about to dive in to GIMP on a low powered netbook then I wish you luck my friend, it falls in to the same category as so much open source stuff - powerful in the right hands, but it isn't going to make your life easy, and for most editing there are probably better options. I use it when I need to do some actual surgery to an image, which is very rare. And I always struggle.

    I would strongly suggest taking @Fly 's advice and checking out Picassa, it probably does most if not all of the routine tasks you'll want to do and it won't take ages to show every change you make to the picture.
  8. echo all the comments re. GIMP. It's good, depending on what you want to do with it. But for a general tool for enhancing rather than full blown editing it can be a bit clunky. I've never used Picassa but Piknik is certainly a useful thing for enhancements and is embedded into several photo sharing sites so you can edit after uploading.
  9. You lot are the bomb. After trying both Gimp and Picasa I think Picasa will do for me for now untill I get a bit more knowledgeable.

    I went out last night to try some test shots of the Moon but after viewing them in Picasa I've noticed everyone is slightly out of focus.
    Is there any tips for manual focusing or have I just got bad eyes? :(
  10. If you search for online editing tools there are loads. If you use Flickr they even have links to them. You'll need a decent Internet connection but it will take all the processing away from your netbook.
  11. How about these, the first one is a basic editor but I have used it in difficult situations and it worked fine

    the other is photoshop itself but online
    You need to sign up but I find it to be a good photo editor for colours etc
  12. I'd forgotten all about the online Photoshop tools. It's nice to know I can do some quick editing there and not hog laptop resources. Thanks for the reminder @Chris.
  13. I use a programme called fast stone which is Okay for now until I have the room for Light room :)

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