Posed portraits, a first attempt.

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  1. Hey folks, I know that this is the third time that i've posted about these dumb pics, but I're realised that what I really want is advice so that I can improve next time, and many of you now have quite a bit of experience shooting people and even doing model shoots.

    I won't post pictures again, instead here's a link to the gallery with the colour and black and white versions. I would really appreciate any advice on both the shooting, posing (which I know zero about) and post processing so that next time I have a golden opportunity like this I can make better use of it - not that I think the pictures are terrible, they just aren't all that anything. Please embed any of the pictures needed to illustrate a point.

    For context, the brief of the shoot was natural, well lit head and body shots to send to an agency against a plain background, to show off Josh clearly, but as flatteringly as possible this side of photoshop for potential clients.

    For the record, I know it would have been better If I'd had him laying on a motorbike, that's just a given.
  2. I don't really have much time atm to either view them or comment but what jumps out at me is whenever they are converted to B&W they appear very flat/washed out, the skin tones match the background wall too much and seems to loss definition/features. Hope this makes sense?

    Gotta run, lunch over and gotta get back to management training :Zombie_banghead:
  3. That dude totally plucks his eyebrows.

    I know nothing about shooting portraits. They look pretty good to me.
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  4. regarding posing for head shots i found that Peter Hurley's method for the jaw line and maybe the squinch works well.

    he does like to shout SHABANG alot so be warned lol

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  5. @evilmunky That's an awesome recommendation dude, two small things that make a huge difference, thank you!
  6. They have helped me for a few shots
  7. Oh, and I do like the Peter Hurley videos as well, those tips really work!

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