Podcast Ep 23. Let's Meetup

Discussion in 'Pixelated Photographer Podcast' started by Chris, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Don't fall off your seats! Yes, this is a pixelated photographer podcast!

    This month's episode Chris is joined by Adrian Stock (AKA @Ade).
    We talk our love for Fujifilm cameras, what we've been shooting and spending a bit of time laughing about @moroseduck's colourful language usage.

    As the title suggests, we also talk about the upcoming Oxford Photowalk too.
    All this and more, it this month's podcast!

    For the iTunes link:

    For people looking for a direct feed

    Or on Soundcloud:
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  2. It seems like the feed is loading the podcast up at the bottom. i'm not quite sure why - I put the correct dates in. I'll reupload the file when I get home tonight
  3. It all worked ok for me. And being on the podcast was great!
  4. On the podcast we chatted about a difficult shot that I had to do on a beach in dark, here are two of the finished pics

    @Ade, it was really great podcasting with you- we will certainly do it again!
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  5. Those are fantastic!
  6. I love the pictures, but the podcast hasn't come through for me :-( Has the feed changed?
  7. check at the bottom of the feed. its classing it as an early podcast for some reason. I'm trying to fix it
  8. Got it. It doesn't have a date attached to it, that seems to be the problem, the one you did with Iain is also buried at the bottom, and has no date.
  9. Yeah i think it's because I used the updated garageband, which seems like it's not saving all the tags like it should do
  10. Finally got to listen to it today, great show guys, lovely to hear @Chris's dulcet tones once more and @Ade was ace, a very natural podcaster with segways and everything. loved the hooters conversation, always good to hear photography podcast hosts discussing how small japanese woman's breasts are, I'm guessing your wife doesn't listen to the podcast Chris :)

    Great to hear the story behind the pictures as well, you pulled off an amazing job given what you had to work with!

    Looking forward to next month's already don't let me down or I will set the forum swear detectors on fire, on fuckbuggering twatrattling fire.
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  11. I hardly remember talking about that lol
  12. Interesting chat guys.

    On the subject of the performance of lightroom, I've found with an SSD drive and graphics card the performance anything but slow, but granted it was a bit clunky on my laptop. I think it's got a lot better in the update in terms of taking advantage of quick kit.

    Plus, my windows 10 machine with an ssd drive takes 5 seconds to boot from dead, so ner ner ner.
  13. 5 seconds is very impressive! I admit LR is faster on my MBA with the SSD. It is still substantially slower than other apps though. Maybe at some point I will cease to notice it. But I expect there is still some grouching to do though :)
  14. I'm sure once it gets full up of shite it will slow down to a usual windows level of service, but for now...

    Finished the podcast on the bus home, good show guys. There was something Adrian said that at the time I thought was terribly perceptive, but I can't remember what it was now.
  15. I get that a lot :)
    Was it the bit about my kids thinking Chris was the BFG?
    Or was it the bit about if I never had a camera ever again then photography has at least given me a new ability to see the world - which is actually, to me, the biggest benefit.
    Snozcumbers or philosophy?

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