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  1. Hello again! I had presented myself here before the lil hiccup of the forums et al so I thought I'd make a quick stop here before returning to go deeper into the forum :)

    I'm a Swede and pretty deep into the analog photography geekery. I currently run/co admin a forum, facebook group and podcast for swedish analog photographers. If you're interested, there's links on my flickr profile https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonasfx/
    but you may know me as kollimatorn from instagram and from time to time mentioned on the s16 podcast :)

    anyway, seeing as I've run out of sunny16 podcast episodes to listen to I decided to let off some steam here between each weeks episode.

    ohyeah, what I like to shoot? Mostly expired silver rich bw films but I have a dream of wonderful color shots too (often they look so so haha) and cameras I use most kinds automatic to manual with different ways of focusing in 35mm and medium format. here's a slightly outdates group shot:
    the analog bunch 3.0
    by jonas lundström, on Flickr
    since then I haven't dared take out all my cameras at once in case my wife sees them all ;D

    favorites among those are the Bronica C2, Holga, LC-A, Minolta SR-T 101b and Olympus OM-2

    umm, yeah here's a portrait of me (hello) that was made on a wet plate workshop
    wet plate day 2013
    by jonas lundström, on Flickr

    and a granny on a found film double exposed with some northern lights to show that I'm IN DA CLUB ;D
    such a funny aurora
    by jonas lundström, on Flickr
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  2. Some lovely cameras in the group shot! We gathered all ours on the kitchen table for a portrait a while ago... but now I'm quite certain that they wouldn't all fit on the table, and perhaps not all in one picture. Yes, I know I have a problem ;) I'm surprised you want to sell your Espio, I find that to be a delightful little camera. But then again I like lots of cameras - part of the problem...

    Sadly I've never done wet plate nor seen an aurora that was bright enough to photograph... things to add to the bucket list I suppose!
  3. ohyeah, I had notes on that shot for selling. notes wasn't shown on flickr for a while after that so I kind of just forgot about it :D

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