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Discussion in 'Website updates' started by Chris, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    As a few people have mentioned there have been issues with the website of late - not loading pages and database errors has been a problem in some cases.

    To investigate the error I'm pulling all the plugins on the site off so that I can look for bugs. These include the chat boxes and a few things dotted around the website.
    Tapatalk and forumrunner will also be offline during this period.

    I think that I want to test everything without plugins until the weekend, so please be patient while we resolve the error. I'd prefer a little inconvenience than watching our database explode.

    If there are any database engineers on the site please PM me - I could do with help on this one!

  2. Hi all,
    Looks like the issues with the database have been solved to a certain degree, though after looking through the plugins I can see that Forum Runner has been causing a lot of errors. The company who made the app was bought out by a rival company last year and have failed to update the software at all so I have no choice but to pull forum runner from the forums.

    For those who do use forum runner, please look at Tapatalk as an alternative. It is free and can be used on iOS, Android and Windows phones.
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  3. Thanks for sorting it mate!
  4. I'm reading this post on forum runner. Ghost in the machine?

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