Pixelated photographer podcast EP22: Finding the time

Discussion in 'Pixelated Photographer Podcast' started by Chris, Jun 6, 2015.

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    Chris returns to do a solo podcast, the first in almost a year. Assisted by his daughter, Rhian whom is hell bent on making everyone deaf.

    You can find the podcast on itunes here:

    Normally I have a player here but we have changed the software and the player doesn't work. But if you want a direct download to the actual file, you can use the following link:

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  2. Cool podcast dude - lots of heart! And all that practice has certainly paid off in your 1920s shoot!
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  3. Thank you, sir!
  4. Perfect length to accompany me cutting the grass, well done sir. Plus a podcast shoutout, even if it was an afterthought moan grumble smileyface etc.

    A good listen though, and interesting to hear about someone who is really putting themselves out there, trying to make a go of something and by the sounds of it doing pretty well too.

    I've been quietly ignoring this place for a little bit, partly because other stuff has got in the way but partly because this place does pretty dead at the moment. Not a criticism by any means, but it would be nice if the level of activity was back where it was a couple of years ago when assignments had 20 people entering rather than just 2 and it was nice to hear that there is still a will for that to happen. I'm always willing to help out with that, as are a few other good people so if you do need to lean on us and not take it all on or feel guilty about not having the time to take it on then I think that is a good approach to take. Is that too touchy-feely? I Dunno. With regards to the podcasts I had an idea that if you don't have the time to do it often then a sort of committee approach could be taken - perhaps set a topic and get a few people to contribute their own views on it?

    Finally: you don't know the difference between "dispensable" and "indispensable".
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  5. I was going to let him off that one :)
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  6. @IainK @Ade don't even remember saying that. It's amazing what people pick up on haha
  7. Irony alert! I think everyone stayed away because no one was here. Personally I've been absent because of work and a bit of video game obsession for a couple of weeks, but mostly mid season knackeredness.

    @IainK and @Ade we should produce a film oriented podcast...says the man who has zero ability or intention of ever learning how to edit a podcast. I can promise to keep buying cameras so we never run out of things to talk about, regardless of podcasts.

    Anywho, great podcast dude, it was a delight to listen too and it made me very happy to see you heading down the path towards living the dream.
  8. I'm fully aware of the irony of moaning about a place being quiet and not actually, I dunno, turning the CD player on. I'll resolve to start posting again, I just haven't had the energy recently to do anything creative so it's hard to come on here and say "hey, look at the dust on my cameras!"

    I'm up for more podcasting though.
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  9. Great job Chris! I tried like hell to be there... since the last show I did we have moved to a new house a I was unable to find my mic for the time Chris and I worked out.. Since then I have found the mic, and my giant USB cord, but not the stand... hoping to work that part out and join in on the next one.. mostly to talk about all the non-pictures I have been taking but I could have a thing or two of interest to toss in... In any case, great podcast Chris! Thanks for the show and sorry for leaving you hanging once again! lol...

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  10. All good mate, let's get you on the next one!

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