Pixelated Photographer Podcast Ep 16: Babies Babies Babies!

Discussion in 'Pixelated Photographer Podcast' started by moroseduck, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. As the half-arse brothers didn't get as far as putting up a post on their own forum to announce the triumphant return of the podcast, I thought I would.

    First off, I had no idea that Adam was expecting another kiddler, so huge congrats to you. It made me laugh listening to you telling Chris how having your first child changes everything. When you have number two, you'll be wondering what the hell you were doing with all the free time you must have had when there was just the one.

    Great to have you both back in my ears, and as always it has inspired me to get some ideas actually done for the assignment - I blame your continued absence for my last few months of crud :)

    Looking forward to next months episode, don't let me down...
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  2. Absolutely, what he said!
    Congratulations Chris (again) on the successful arrival.
    Congratulations Adam on the new impending one.
    On the days I get to spend with just one of mine it definitely feels like a day off!
    Great to have the podcast back.
  3. Thanks y'all and thanks moroseduck for the post! It was nice to record with Chris again. I give him tons of credit since I didn't make it back for months after my first born came along... Hoping things continue and are more consistent then we have been. I appreciate the congrats as well... We have been talking about having another for a while and I have no doubt it is going to change my life... again. :)
  4. Yes definitely, congrats to you both.

    Was brilliant to hear you again, I really missed you guys. Please keep coming back with more recordings, as listening to you guys is great fun. If photography is a bit thin, then just talk about babies or anything. I'm not fussy.
  5. Thanks guys, we missed doing the recordings as well so we'll try and do more in the future.

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