Pixelated Photographer Podcast Ep 15: Getting your photos online

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  1. Oh you boys. First you both discuss how neither of you have been visiting and interacting with the website you're promoting, then Adam narrowly saves Chris from totally throwing himself under the bus by alienating all the Nikon users, and finally you blow the ironyometer off the scale by repeating over and over how important content is to keeping a website alive, active and attracting new visitors, despite the fact that you both started the show by telling us how you've both been inactive on this front lately!

    All that aside, it was as ever a most enjoyable show, the main topic was informative and extensively covered, and Adam did a commendable job of holding himself together despite the beer. The one thing I would like is a bit more discussion on the assignments, perhaps a more in depth look at the winners pictures, critique of pictures that have caught your eyes, rather than just the names of the winners. I know time was getting tight this podcast, but it would be cool to hear your honest opinions on what works, and what doesn't from these pictures.

    Also, your header paragraph for the blog post for this podcast is actually the one for last months podcast.
  2. Not got round to listening passed the horrid dumstep at the start :-P
  3. It's growing on me............but so is ringworm.
  4. Well, finished listening today and I have to say....I really want a beer now. Forget taking photos, let's get drunk!
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  5. Another great episode im looking forward to hearing what mac/ultra book Fly picks up ; )
  6. If canon had made the same camera I would have said the same thing regardless of make. If you want a camera where you want to spend half of your life looking at the manual - the D800 is the camera for you. Is it more plasticy than a 5Dmkiii - yup, but its also cheaper!

    For the bit about increasing search ranking, I never said that we were specifically trying to do that :D At the moment I have trouble finding enough time to sleep let alone plan website world-dominance (I tried that with S4G and see what happened there lol)

    Monkeychunk can attest to that!

    People have issues with 3-4 seconds of dubstep!?!...and people call me old! lol
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  7. You are now ;)
  8. Yer i think what i learned from S4G its impossible to be the top site website in your subject unless have a huge paid team to back you and update the site every minute of the day, also the more folks you have join up the less you know your forum family and you start to get confused between your moroose ducks and edd the ducks

    Saying that its nice to increase your reach and meet new folks! So come join nerdjackers and download my show Now

    I joke,when i hear Chris say he took a break from the site and had a beer it makes me smile that man works way to hard on anything : )
  9. With regards to the menus and controls, do you think someone who has been shooting Nikon previously would find it as much of a problem? I know that you've been using mostly Canon cameras for many years, I just wonder how much of your frustration with the D800 vs happiness with the 5DIII is a result of prior knowledge, or lack thereof. Or they may of course just be bullshit menus. On the occasions that I've picked up a Nikon I've found the layout totally confusing, but then so was my basic old 30D when I first got it.

    And I know you aren't going after world dominance, we just miss you when you aren't around :(
  10. I do have frustrations with Nikon cameras that's always going to be a learning curve, but I was watching my mate go through the menus one by one and if he was struggling to find what he wants - but having said that, I've done the same with the canon on occasion too.

    I miss you too. Luv & hugs.
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  11. I'm not sure I can respond to much because I am having a hard time remembering exactly what was said. But I do have a couple comments/thoughts on a few things that have been brought up.

    Regarding the website discussion I know for me I was mostly talking about folks who wanted to create their own blog/portfolio sites to display and talk about their work, possibility with the hopes of getting work. In that regard I think having regular content and new stuff is huge. If I wanted to hire a photographer and every time I visited their website it was the same, no changing, stale stuff I wouldn't be impressed. However if they were consistently adding new photos, blog posts, videos, etc then I am way more impressed. Granted the same can be said about this site and every site I have been a part of, but the same issue of time exist. Maybe call it do what I say and not what I do kind of thing, because if anyone knows how to NOT make a high ranking site it is me. lol ;)

    I like the idea about more discussion on the assignments as well. My only issue here is the idea of saying anything about peoples photos. I have no problem saying I like something, or that I think something is great, but after that I have a tough time. And that 100% comes from my own insecurities. But I think we can find a middle ground and spend more time in that section.


    PS - I will probably be drinking for every show after this... lol

    PSS - I am drinking right now...

    PSSS - I fixed the show description ;)
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  12. Well Adam, I'd like to thank you and Chris. I listened to the show, enjoyed it and but most importantly for me, it gave me the motivation to dig out my old generic blog (in which I just wrote about random stuff) and turn it into one just based on my photographic adventures (most of which are boring, bumbling and completely amateur).

    Being a Front End Web Developer, stupidly I never thought about putting two and two together and creating a blog based on my own photography. I know I'm not the world's best tog, but I like the idea of having my own personal scrap book online and hopefully it can document my progress with things.

    So yeah, thanks. I'm looking forward to adding to it now. :)
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  13. That is great man! Make sure to share it with us so we can all follow along!
  14. Sure thing, blog is here: www.obicolkenobi.com

    It did have loads of other stuff on there, but I've removed it for the sake of tidyness.

    Early days yet. :)

    Any feedback appreciated.
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  16. Chris do you mean like the Reply button? lol
  17. You just aint clicking it right!
  18. Haha says you *points to post #17*
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