Pixelated Photographer Podcast Ep 14: Tripods, arse and heart attacks

Discussion in 'Pixelated Photographer Podcast' started by Chris, Aug 22, 2012.

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  2. I listened to the edit of this months show and I have so say for all the garbage I tried to put in there you did a great job editing Chris .... Even managed to cut out all the crap I talked about these film freaks we have floating around here. lol ;) Seriously though, nice job on the edit. I promise to keep my BS chatter on the next one to a minimum... I also plan on drinking.. heavily during the recording so that should be cool and stuff.
  3. Thank you sir, apologies for it taking so bloomin long.
  4. Very much enjoyed part one yesterday, part two is todays treat, it's always such a pleasure having a PPP drop through my itunes inbox, shame its so goddam infrequently. For me the show is the Photographic equivalent of my weekly Giant Bomb hit - sure, a lot of the chat is rambling and unrelated to photography, but you tune in to hear people you'd like to hang out with having a good time. I can think of no higher podcast compliment :)

    I shall ignore @Adam's jibe about film, and I HEREBY UNDERTAKE to get him shooting film by the end of this year. Come on Adam, you know that you want to give it a go - think how much fun you could have with a Polaroid at one of your family get togethers for a start, you'd be the envy of all with the old click'n'spit, no one would give two shits about the 5D.
  6. Well said

    Chris shall I repeat my tweet here so you can Like it? ;)
  7. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the comments :)

    This film chat reminds me of when us real pilots who flew jets would see a plane with a propeller and it was required for one of us to say "Pfft, props are for boats"... lol
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  8. I just find it so weird to be listing whilst on the bus to or from work to all of a sudden hear my username (by the way you can use my real name if you wanted - maybe I should change it on here) mentioned by you guys. It just feels weird as I've never had an actual conversation with you yet I really look up to you guys (these days I call it it MkIII effect lol).

    Other photography podcasts I listen to, although hosted by professional photographers, just can't hold my interest. Yes I keep listening hoping that something they say sticks in my mind to improve my images but I just don't feel like they are aiming the content at my level, you guys however just seem to be on my level and what you say is relevant to me (other than 4 legged tripods).

    The time an effort you put in is much appreciated, keep up the good work ;)
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  9. Another bromance in the making.
  10. Haha I was a little drunk when I wrote that :oops:
  12. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the nice comments. It is always good to hear all the work that goes into the podcast is appreciated. Well all of Chris work, I just babble on which I do with our without Skype recording it. lol

    Glad to hear you like the 100-400 too Rob Edwards I have had it out a few times since I got it, but I am really looking forward to taking it to the zoo next time we go. I agree the focus could be a bit faster and the push pull is about the strangest thing I have ever seen, but once you get used to all that it is a great lens. About my only real dislike for it is that it weighs a TON. I knew that before hand, but I don't even put it in my backpack unless I know I want it since it is like carrying a small car around with you. lol
  14. 2x tele on a 70-200 f2.8 ftw, sorry Adam ;)

    needs to be a 2.8 though. The f4 lightweight version can't cope with losing 2 stops through a teleconvertor.
    My way I have more room in ym bag, the same reach, same f number at the long end, ok. I have f5.4 at the short end too but I like a constant aperture.

    I havent noticed a drop off in IQ using the convertor either

    great podcast too!
  16. lol erm, the 70-200 f2.8 is white. as is the teleconvertr. the package might even be longer and therefore better lolz ;)
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