Photoshop Can't Handle 70D RAW's

Discussion in 'Photography chatter' started by Martyn, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. I've had CS5 for a few years and it there's no update so it can handle them. Sort of understandable as it's old software, the 70D is relatively new. Problem is the latest Photoshop is subscription only and I can't justify the monthly spend for how little I use it. Is there a version of Photoshop that will open them once updated?

    Currently I'm having to convert to DNG first which lets me change contrast, brightness level, etc but if I want to put them onto something like Flickr I then have to convert them to JPG. Photoshop has a script for that but it's still a ballache.
  2. can you update to the latest camera RAW? i'm not sure if thats a standalone application
  3. Updated to the latest one on CS5 and it's too old. If I knew the last Photoshop that didn't need a sub could update to handle them I'd buy that.
  4. The last standalone Photoshop was I think 3 years ago now so I wouldn't bet on it. Do you need all the bells and whistles or would Elements be enough? I've never managed to self justify owning photoshop, I only really use elements for tidying up scanned in negatives and the occasional bit of surgery.
  5. there's always lightroom you can still buy that standalone i think....
  6. I used Elements for my very occasional PSing for years - worked a treat and usually only about £70-80 with no ongoing subs.
  7. That's what I'm doing currently. Arguably that's enough as that lets you alter levels and even Windows 10 has spot healing tool now. Because some of them will be destined for online I've set the camera to take a RAW and a JPG so at least I have it easily to hand and it's a sensible size.

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