Photographing Summer 2012

Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Chris, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Sering that summer is here, we ask all our community to show us pictures of your summer. Stick them all in here!

    Before the Brits start complaining that there is no summer in the UK, I know.... I know!
  2. Rules me out, I aint got no underwater housing.
  3. Does that mean the puddles will all dry up? Damn it. I like puddles. (Still raining here by the way)
  4. 37 degrees here today and stupidly humid
  5. More like 37 degrees fahrenheit here!
  6. Awaits pictures of the floods.

    I mean this was all bound to happen.

    May. Lovely weather, so I decide to go buy mx-5 convertible.

    June-July. Wettest summer ever!
  7. Don't worry everyone, I have decided that IT IS SUMMER, and so it shall be from now on without exception.
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  8. This do ya?

    IMG_0882 - 23Jun2012.jpg by CraigBeattie, on Flickr
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  9. Haha coulda been for a few days - it was York a few weeks ago. It flooded like this again the next week too apparently.
  10. I should have bought a boat!

    But. I love the look I get shooting in the rain with my lovely weather proof k-5. You can see the cannon and Nikon owners shock!
  11. I almost watched that the other week, but then I noticed it was about Pentax :p
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  13. Here are a few photos from my summer so far, taken at Kelvingrove Park (student hangout) in Glasgow.

    IMG_6358 by SSDalziel, on Flickr

    IMG_6377 by SSDalziel, on Flickr

    IMG_6428 by SSDalziel, on Flickr

    IMG_6443 by SSDalziel, on Flickr

    IMG_6481 by SSDalziel, on Flickr

    IMG_6483 by SSDalziel, on Flickr

    This one has an interesting story to it, the guy was about to hit the other guy with a bottle. Atmosphered changed pretty fast from relaxed and jovial to dark and violent.

    IMG_6484 by SSDalziel, on Flickr
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