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Discussion in 'Website updates' started by Chris, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Since the site started, I have always had a very strict rule about how many images to save for our competitions and restrictions on file size.

    This has never been about bandwidth (how much data the site can deal with and save), but more about how the hell to back that data up if there is something goes wrong. We are already over 1gb in data. Think about saving 1gb of data remotely via command line in a different country - it’s mind-bogglingly difficult.

    I have done my own weekly backups onto the same server, but this is pretty dangerous because if the entire server blows up, I have nothing.

    So, now that the advertising is bringing in a little money, I will invest that into an offsite RAID backup via Linode.

    This will also allow me to say ‘upload what you want’ and I will increase the allowed file size soon. You will be able to upload however many pics to our media or forum area as you want*.

    You don’t need to link things through flickr anymore.

    The new gallery/media system is made by the actual forum software company, so it will be continued to be developed, unlike our old system where the developer walked away, which is why I had to drop it. So please rest assured the new gallery is staying for the long term.

    *<—— the asterisk marks an important point.
    While you are welcome to upload your photos here, please note that you should not use this site as a backup for your photos, we are not responsible for any loss of data. You should always keep proper backups of your pictures by yourself with proper backup software or services.

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  2. Cool! Good idea.

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