Assignment finished Photo assignment: The Golden Hour. April 16 ~ May 1st

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  1. [​IMG]
    Bangkok during the "Golden Hour" curtsey of Wiki Commons

    This week's assignment is 'The Golden Hour'.

    The golden hour is the time of day that the sun is lowest in the sky giving you a nice soft light perfect for taking photos in. Typically thought of as the hour just after sun rise or the hour just before sun set, the time leading up to both of them times can be equally pleasing. Skys take on a more saturated look, and people don't have to squint when looking into the light. Tools such as the caculator found at or the app can be a great help in finding the best time to take advantage of this magical time.

    • Find the right time for the "golden hour" in your part of the world
    • Using fill flash is a great way to balance the light
    • Tripods are sometimes needed as the light gets less and less
    • Back lighting your subject with the setting sun can make a very dramatic photo
    • Reflectors are also useful
    • Get some shots of the sky during this time as it is also looking its best
    You can enter up to 5 photographs each. Use the uploader and set to full width - the forum will resize it for you, maximum filesize is up to 500kb. If you can use Flickr to upload your pictures and link to it, it would make us very happy as it means our bandwidth isn't being used.

    You should take the photo within the time period, do not use one from your archives
    • You have two weeks to submit a photograph, the assignment will finish at end of the day 1st May 2012.
    • Include your EXIF data if you can.
    • Don't forget to nominate your picture if you have multiple entries
    Once the date has finished, a poll will open to vote for the ones you like.

    Nominated Images need to have the following tag (cut and paste it): [NOMINATED]
    Entries without a tag will default to the 1st picture and may result with the wrong pic going to the vote, so make sure to use the tag!
  2. ah poo i took a few nice shots in the golden hour last week
  3. I'll kick this one off then. I can't make my mind up whether this classes as the golden hour or a sunset shot, but probably won't get another opportunity during the assignment period so here you go!
    Salford Quays by andy_grundy, on Flickr
  4. "If you don't like the weather wait fifteen minutes"
    ...and while you're waiting take a photo of a rainbow.
    Pot of Golden Hour. by Fobgoblin, on Flickr
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  5. Woah a double rainbow!

    Recreational drugs, making dull stuff interesting since 1960...
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  6. Right two images here.

    The first is the original shot I took with the EXIF data.

    The second bieng a HDR of 3 photos. I'm not sure which one I prefer. I like the saturated colours in the HDR, but it is a created image! I know some purists don't like that it's not how it looked out the lens. I'm going to go with the HDR this time as it's a more astheticaly pleasing photo. Probably all I'm going to get chance to do in the next week.

    Sunset by the River Trent. Clifton, Nottingham by Boz1359, on Flickr

    Sunset by the River Trent. Clifton, Nottingham (HDR Merge) by Boz1359, on Flickr

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  7. Got a shot in mind for this.....just waiting for the weather to play ball :mad:
  8. IS it ever going to stop raining?
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  9. Just say no!
  10. i have one chance of the golden hour shot thanks to work. and its was raining today so now lovely goldeness :(
  11. Yup, this looks like it could be a total, literal wash for me, the forecast for the entire next week is bloody rain. Thank god I don't work outside or I would just want to hang myself from a tree with a muddy piece of rope...
  12. I was able to get a few photos during the "Golden Hour" on my recent golf trip. This mostly I was trying to do some HDR shots and this is one of my favorites. Which is funny since all the others took me a lot of time, a tripod, etc to get set up and shoot. This one was three quick snaps, handheld, as we were riding back in. Good times~

    End of the day... by FlyACL, on Flickr

    Here is another one from the same night...

    Good evening.. by FlyACL, on Flickr
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  13. EPIC FAIL!
  14. That's odd.. When you click on it, it goes to the photo. Not sure what happened there. Probably the first sign of Flickr going out of business and shutting down. lol
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  15. Double weird, the picture shows in @Adam s original post, but not in @Chris 's reply, despite the link being the same
  16. he fixed it - they were both broken earlier lol
  17. [​IMG]
    Beach by nala_uk, on Flickr

    Hi Guys, great podcast. This is my first entry - finally got around to it. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me so I decided to edit it on my iPhone as well. I took some photos into the orange and red sky but preferred the dramatic sky in this photo where I turned away from the sunset.

    Chris see what you are missing out on in sunny South Wales!!!!!
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  18. Great shot Alan! Welcome to the site!
  19. Indeed mate - Is that the Gower?
    Welcome to the site too!

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