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  1. I need you good folks to help me see what I'm not here. I have already posted this picture elsewhere on the site, but what you gonna do.

    The reason it's here is because I quite like the picture, but I seem to be in a minority, at least when compared to other similar pictures I've taken. I stuck it up on Pixoto, which I realise was my first mistake, but anyway it's done very badly on there, and I'm hoping that you guys can help me see what I'm missing.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's an amazing misunderstood work of genius, I'd just appreciate some insight into why this image is not as appealing as other very similar pics. Is it framing, content, post processing, light, all of the above?

    And the obvious thing that's wrong with this image is clearly that it's another goddam flower shot...

    [​IMG]Spring Crown by moroseduck, on Flickr
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    I think you hit the nail on the head with: "another goddam flower shot". Nothing really bad about it - if I was being overly critical, I could mention the blown out highlight and nothing is in focus apart from maybe the tip of one petal (I'm not on the best of monitors at the moment).

    A mind numbingly difficult subject to make interesting though, so don't beat yourself up over it. One massive plus is that it's not of some pre-pubescent kid, so it gets my vote for that alone. In fact, I DEMAND that we make the next fortnightly assignment thingy: "An Interesting Flower Shot" ... now THAT would be a toughie.
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  3. I like it... I think the composition is good and I like the shallow depth of field for the background. If anything I think I would like the flower to have just a hair more in focus but it is hard to say. Processing wise I do think it is a little flat.. I think the greens and the yellow could have more punch... but I am addicted to contrast and saturation and my monitor sucks so I might not even be looking at the same photo as y'all... lol
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  4. 2/10 - would not look at again.

    The whole thing looks like its about to topple over.
    Needs more in the top right.

    This shot is crying out for some vertical sprockets.
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  5. not enough HDR or selective colour, sort it out lad ;)
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  6. Thanks for the input gents, I do really appreciate it. I think you are spot on about the focus, the flower isn't standing out enough from the background. I deliberately tried to not punch up the contrast and saturation - I'm trying to wean myself off that a bit, but I think that on this occasion as the focus wasn't good enough, punchier processing may have helped with the impact.

    I see what you mean about the top right corner @Daverino9 , it is a bit unbalanced. The lean of the plant, echoed in the leaf below and the stem with a bud behind is actually what I like, but I can see where you're coming from. It did need a slight crop to balance it I think.

    I've just stuck a more heavily processed version up on Pixoto, I'll be interested to see if that makes a difference. Even I don't like the new version, so I may go into negative points on this one.
  7. Ok, after one day here are the results. The original image has 8 wins to 16 losses, the revised version has 15 wins to 16. Not setting the world on fire, but clearly more popular.

    How did I achieve this? A very slight crop which I should have done in the first place, and then I leaned on the contrast, clarity and saturation sliders. It wasn't done in a considered way, and it is not something I would normally do, or like.

    Based on this I have a second question, am I just being over sensitive to what I perceive to be a newbie photog trait of using these techniques when it's actually fine, or is it just the case that in this 1 second attention span setup the sparkliest jewel will always be preferred?

    Here's the picture.

  8. I'm not actually seeing massive difference in the two, but my laptop monitor isn't all that good. I think when it comes to sites like pixoto people are going to be making snap decisions, and people will usually favour high-impact shots with the sliders to the right when they only spend a second or two looking at the pictures over more subtle treatments.

    WRT to the original shot, the main issue I have with it is that the out of focus bits are too distracting from the subject. If you had the whole of the foreground flower in focus and didn't have the second flower in the background I think I would like it a lot more. I'd also be tempted to clone out the bit of dirt or whatever it is in the shadow area on the first petal you see.
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