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  1. I thought Bond would rock a super stealthy all black model, but ^ shows a OM4 Ti - James bOMd
  2. Hell yeah you do!

    You're actually psychically predicting podcast content now, as in the show we recorded on Monday I was singing the praises of my OM cameras. The OM10, a camera that I took an instant dislike to when It turned up from eBay and then went on to become one of my most used bits of kit, is a cracking camera. It's Aperture priority but you can get a doodad to turn it fully manwell. That said, it makes the right choices almost all the time without my interference.

    It's nice and compact, but some of the components feel a little cheap.

    The OM-1 is an all mechanical all manwell piece of art. Same form factor but you can feel the difference in the handling. Battery is for the light meter only so it will work without. Both shutter and aperture are on the front to quick and easy adjustments are easy. I loves it.

    I would quite like an OM-2, mostly for when I want the convenience of aperture priority mode but the build quality of the OM-1. I understand that the OM-3 is a true successor to the OM-1 being all or almost all mechanical, and is rare and expensive, and the OM-4's have all the bells and whistles and are of course the youngest.

    Just great cameras with great lenses. Get one...get many!

    Also, James Bond is about as stealthy as a dayglo cat with maracas for paws. The OM-4ti is really the least of his worries.
  3. I don't shoot Olympus, I have Nikon FE2s. These are a bit more expensive than that OM4 but the feel and build and precision of them is just awesome.

    Do what @moroseduck says - get many! Well, at least 2 anyway. These Nikons are my go to cameras when I really need to be sure I am nailing the shots. Less expressive than a whisky tin pinhole but definitely a must have for any half serious film shooter.

    Buy many Olympus OMs. Don't worry about the cost, they will last forever.


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