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  1. I had another camera club meeting last night (don't worry, this isn't me bitching and whining again). The topic was on the farm, and as the deadline approached it became painfully obvious that I wasn't getting anything new for this, so in classic style it was time to dig through the archives.

    One of the pictures I pulled is from January 2012, a mere year after I started shooting. I liked the image at the time from a composition stand, but the levels weren't great, and so editing ensued. It was interesting returning to it, and seeing how my feelings about those edits have changed over the last few years.

    Original image:

    It was shot on my trusty 8mp 30D at 800 iso, so there wasn't a huge amount of latitude for shoving it around. Here's the edit I posted to flickr at the time:

    [​IMG]I only have eyes for Ewe. by Graeme Jago, on Flickr

    The sky is just a bit of a disaster, occupying most of the picture, the same basic colour as the sheep and just kind of bleh. I obviously felt that way shortly afterward, as I have this saved edit in my lightroom library:


    Well, the sky is definitely more interesting here, no lack of drama, but it's all just too much and feels like I got a little clarity happy, not my style really.

    Finally, the 2016 revisit:

    [​IMG]Still love ewe by Graeme Jago, on Flickr

    Hopefully with this one I have managed to strike a better balance, both through a better understanding of the tools, and a slightly more experienced eye. The shot went down pretty well at camera club and I'm glad I went back to it.

    All this made me wonder, do you guys go back though your old library much, and if so do you have similar stories of shots that you either completely overlooked at the time, or interpreted in a different way to how you see it now? I think we all took a lot more pictures in the early days of our hobby, there's got to be neglected stuff in everyone's back catalogue waiting for some love.
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  2. Inspirational post.
    Im going diving for lost Lightroom loves after this.

    Fun to see how are tastes are evolving; I particularly like how you resisted whacking a dirty great vignette on, this was a habit of mine for years. 7 months clean and enjoying every second.
  3. Good question! I definitely took a lot more photos a few years ago. Most of them were rubbish though. I have a book of family portraits I printed in 2009 and the edits make me cringe now - far too heavy handed. I have half a mind to go back and do them again but time has moved on...

    I had a fixation on the cross-processed look way back when that took me ages to get over. Now I shoot mostly film I do very little editing at all, often just a little dodging to lighten faces.

    Having recently bought the Nik collection I have played around with my recent digital shots to experiment and lear the tools. I can get a look I really like (for digital) if I make the effort. I usually spend more time on light than colour though.

    I definitely like the 2016 edit of your shot the best. As @Davis says, it is interesting to see how these things evolve.
  4. i did something like this not long back and i think there was a definite difference in my style no more heavy vignetting in all my photos lol
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