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    So, I had 2 rolls of this stuff:


    I saw "for color slides" and thought oh yes, I'm going to cross-process this and it will be all colour-shifty and everything.

    Turns out that "CT18" refers to a long-obsolete colour process. I didn't know that.

    Turns out, cross-processing CT18 film in normal c41 chemicals at normal c41 temperatures will absolutely result in a completely blank set of negatives. I didn't know that either, but looking at a completely blank set of negatives I do now.


    Also, after putting 2 rolls through my cheapo action sampler and processing today, I've yet to get anywhere close to a well exposed image. Bugger bugger bugger. Today has not been a good day.
  2. Ahhh s***. That really blows, there are few things more disappointing than pulling a blank roll of film out of the dev tank, so much work for so much sod all.

    How far off was the action sampler stuff? Scannable? I mean if there's any sort of an exposure it's scannable, right?
  3. Sounds like you've worked through your stock of this stuff, but if you get any more you might try processing in B&W chemicals. I found an old Kodak doc about 'rescuing' color film that had been processed B&W and it was clear that the film would have images, just that they'd be monochrome. That was true even for E-6 and Kodachrome, so I would think it'd be true for anything based on silver.

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  4. Yeah, the internet suggests b&w or c41 at about 20 degrees. I have one of the two films left so will probably just stand it in rodinal. What threw me initially was the complete lack of film markings too, so initially thought i'd forgotten to use developer or it was just off, but no. I did actually find a lab which could process ct18 at the low low price of £65(!)
  5. The roll yesterday i just binned. I couldn't tell where to cut it even on a light box so pointless trying to scan it. The other one i've scanned and got maybe one almost usable shot. Will give it another go with faster film at some point.

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