Flash New Yongnuo toys coming!

Discussion in 'Gear talk' started by Obi Col Kenobi, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. You will be a Jedi!

    I really do like the Yongnuo stuff. The lights I have are well built, work and cheap. What more do you need?
  2. i'm gonna pick one up, i've seen/played with the westcott ice light its useful but not £4/500 useful lol
  3. Good man. Let us know how it goes.
  4. Got one this week. Had a quick go of it yesterday, managed to do a self portrait with it:

    Doing a wedding this weekend and taking my backdrop for the evening, so might use it at that too. :)
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  5. That looks great. How well built is it?
  6. I have to say, for £80 (got it with a battery and a charger), it's quite sturdy - obviously, I wouldn't want to drop it on concrete or anything. I have not basis of comparison with the Ice Light unfortunately, but I'm quite pleased with it. I've only managed to play with it for about an hour, but once I've done a few more shots, I'll be sure to share and pen a more comprehensive review. :)
  7. I'll be interested in how bright it is - what kind of exposure you need at say 3'.

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  8. Hey Col, how did the Yongnuo light wand go in the end? @Obi Col Kenobi
  9. @Ade I did, but have barely used it. I did few self portraits with it (which no one will ever see!) and I used it on a few on that first roll I developed (the one with the scratches), on a couple of portraits of my kids.

    Been meaning to get a few more shots with a backdrop, but... there's currently a massive teepee in our living room (one of my boys birthday presents this wee...)

    I'll try and fire off a few shots tonight and post them. :)
  10. I also have the wand and never used it. I did get one of their led light banks, too it with me to do the food shooting at it was awesome.

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  11. Managed to use it out on the field yesterday while taking some corporate headshots. Annoyingly, I couldn't find my reflector, so used it as a fill light, with a diffused flashgun as the key light. Not ideal, but worked quite well. :)
  12. Which LED bank do you have? I have been looking at those.
  13. It's this one - excuse the japanese:
  14. That's good and cheap!
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