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Discussion in 'Gear talk' started by Ade, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I just bought a point and shoot. Looking forward to it :)
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  2. do we have to guess what type of point and shoot? Is it a gun ;)
  3. Hmm, should have had a photo there, maybe I broke the technology.


    110 film is for pros. It's only 10 less than 120 film :)
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  4. New on the market? I've not seen one like this before?
  5. I believe it's from your part of the world, some new-fangled import over here. Made by a company that also makes a nice refreshing lager-beer?

    More importantly the new batteries and film have now arrived so it can see some use.

    I wonder if it works!?!
  6. Now onto my second cartridge. I spent an hour yesterday morning walking around the Southbank and Charing Cross areas of London and killed off the first 24 quite easily.

    It is a great camera for street shooting. The automatic nature means just a tiny amount of focusing is needed and even that is almost non-existent.

    Let's see what the film version of M4/3 can do!
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  7. 2nd cartridge complete so I'll get them off in the post. Only one know failed exposure. Halfway through the 2nd film the shutter opened but then failed to shut for about a minute.

    Possibly I jammed the release down too quickly and the meter didn't register. Or possibly the whole camera is bust and I'll get two rolls of nothing back.

    Wait and see!
  8. I am crossing my fingers for you dude, hope they come out better than my 110 roll did.

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