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Discussion in 'Film, developing & other non-digital stuff' started by billowens, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. A friend took us out for a photo walk with his large format cameras, and a desire was created...


    Direct from Maine via eBay, won with a really reasonable bid, intact except for the unlock lever that's broken and needs to be moved with pliers (annoying but livable). I'm hoping to try it with paper this weekend.

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  2. Cool, looks slightly menacing in that photo!

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  3. Nah, it's actually a very simple camera. I mean, for a camera that has four viewfinders and two shutters ;)

    The intimidating part is figuring out what to do with those big pieces of film. I don't actually own any 4x5 film yet, so I'm thinking that I'll start in the same tradition as Graeme with Ronald, and use some print paper with long exposures. I spent a while being dazzled by the array of options for developing 4x5 film and have decided to try taco-style for starters, since I have everything I need for that.
  4. And here's the result - a rather blah photo but I'm still happy to have made it!


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  5. hello mr camera! I saw what it produces on instagram -glad to see what camera it is on here too :)
  6. Here's that picture from IG again but in more reasonable size - so you can see that it's sharp and nice, but also very dusty and crudely stitched together from two separate scans. I need to join our local community darkroom, who have proper large format scanners available. Also fix the bellows sag...

    [​IMG]Lock 24 by Bill Owens, on Flickr
  7. ooh, that sounds nice. some epson scanner or what?
  8. They have some big Epsons, but for 4x5 and 8x10 there are Hasselblad/Imacon scanners. There's also a drum but apparently the supply cost for that is fairly high so it doesn't get used very often. And a room full of printers that can do up to bedsheet sized paper ;) On the analog side they still have a B&W darkroom with a 4x5 enlarger, which is nice since mine at home can only do 120.

    The cost is very reasonable, the only downside is that it's across town so I'd have to make time to go there. At home I can develop and scan negatives in between other things, and as it is I hardly have time to set aside to make prints (it's been months since I turned on the enlarger).
  9. okay that sounds like a pretty dope place though! sounds like an old pro lab :)

    if I were a film photography oriented podcast in the uk, I'd be sure to have a talk with the people behind that on the show *nudge nudge, wink wink* ;)
  10. Depending where you live why not use a 4x5 enlarger in a community darkroom
    @ilfordphoto have links and I know a great one in Nottingham for example

    Much more fun than scanning and top results AND you have a lovely print

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  11. I'd very much like to do that, and our local community darkroom has an enlarger, but I haven't had time to do that or to scan the negs yet :(

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