Assignment finished New assignment of the month RIVERS - 10/2015

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    Dear members,

    A new assignment of the month 10/2015 just started, you can submit your media on the dedicated album page.

    This week's Assignment is 'Rivers'. You know, those things with water in them.

    You have 20 days to submit your medias, up to 10 media per user are authorized.
    Once the submission phase end, members will have 9 days to vote for the media they like the most.

    Good luck to everyone!
    The Staff
  2. Aha, I have been waiting for this one. I took a shot in Oxford of Old Father Thames...
  3. @Chris or @Pixelated Photobot you might want to rename the album you have set up for this. It seems to be called "assignment winner for 10/2015"
  4. Seemed like a more fun post than one bashing Photobot for posting an image of a canal.
  5. Or is this a river?
  6. its a river
  7. Lot's of good pictures coming in for this one - keep it up folks!
  8. Don't forget to vote folks, it's open now. Run, don't walk!
  9. Stupid pixelated photobot!! Grrrrr
  10. That's our future robot overlord you're talking about, you should watch what you say...
  11. This still open?
  12. Afraid not, couple few days left to vote for the entered pics then the new assignment will go up on the first. Probably...
  13. okilly dokilly

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