Assignment finished New assignment of the month - PANNING 11/2015

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    Dear members,

    A new assignment of the month 11/2015 just started, you can submit your media on the dedicated album page.

    You have 20 days to submit your medias, up to 10 media per user are authorised.
    Once the submission phase end, members will have 9 days to vote for the media they like the most.

    Good luck to everyone !
    The Staff
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  2. Is the theme Panning?
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  3. Thanks I updated it!
  4. Brilliant! I think I am going to like this challenge. Especially as this is one technique that I have been dying to master. No excuse now! .;)
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  5. Interesting. I'll have to give this a go
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  6. Shutter speeds of about 60/s or slower will work well though make sure you pan evenly with the subject
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  7. There is one terrible picture posted at the moment, this is someones to steal here.
  8. I would love to but I am (like you posted in another thread) mostly trying with my mobile. I will go and play in the traffic this weekend with a proper camera.
  9. No excuses! If I can post a picture taken in my living room with a phone, then the barrier to entry for anyone is only having to run the gauntlet of seeing that picture when you go to post your own. I admit, it is a little scarring.
  10. Right, tomorrow my camera is coming with me and I'm gonna pan something. WHO IS WITH ME?
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  11. Adding one from Suzuka. I carry the camera most days now so will try to enter something recent. Work getting in the way again

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