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Discussion in 'Technical threads' started by Liam, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Hey guys. Got my 30d out to give her a wipe down and have a quick play around tonight, but when I try to take a picture everything goes dead. The only way to get going again is to remove the battery and then put it back in.

    I've only had time for a quick google of the problem, but it's not looking hopeful. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Is it damp? Maybe stick in a bag with silica gel.
    Dead battery? Do you have an alternative to test with?
  3. No mate, not damp. I tried a different lens, cleaning battery contacts, and removing the big and little battery to reboot the system software. Nothing. Looks like its a shutter problem. The only repair prices I have seen mentioned have been north of £130, which is more than it would cost to replace. Trying to find a local repair place that's cheaper than Canon, But it may be time to upgrade. Mrs Lynxy is not pleased ;)
  4. Yeah the shutter went on mine within the first couple of weeks of buying mine - I saw the list price at the canon centre and it's certainly around the 150 quid mark.
    So I'm gathering all the electronics work on it right? but the shutter won't release? Usually when this breaks the screen will show an error. it shouldnt turn the camera off.
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  5. Yeah mate, everything else works. I looked up a few forum posts but they're old (old camera) so I was hoping someone had found a newer, cheaper fix ☹️
  6. Well, the trusty 30d is gone. Sold for parts.
  7. Hit up mpb and look at all the stuff they've got, decent prices on older stuff and they tend to have a lot of stock.
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  8. Shame. What are you looking for now?
  9. I Picked up a 40d for a good price. I was gonna go for a new 1200d, but I tried my brother in laws and it felt like a fisher price toy. Plus I missed the wheel on the back.
  10. You made a really good choice, the 40d is tougher and easier to use because of the dials. It's a great camera for big man hands.
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  11. I've only had a quick go with it (it arrived on Christmas Eve) but it certainly felt good. Didn't come with a strap though , but that means I get to buy a quick release strap \o/
  12. A happy present! And a good strap will make all the difference as well. Love my Sun Sniper strap (just like a Rapid) where the camera can slide along it.
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