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    I got no photos to share so I figure we could do something different and post a link to music you like.... I like to follow/listen to stuff on YouTube so if you have something you like.. share it with the group here!

    This is one of my current favorites...

    As well as this one...

    Well, partly me... and partly the boy... but still good.. new-ish stuff...

    Another fav...

    Your turn!!!

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  2. Good idea!

    Here are a few things I've really been enjoying lately, actually been making some use of spotify to find some cool stuff, and actually having a radio to listen to has exposed me to things newer than Duran Duran and Aswad. For the record (PUN!) I own neither of those artists work. I did have a Betty Boo cassette but a guy I was giving a lift to threw it out of the window.

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