Mr Mercury.

Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Rob Edwards, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Took this (and hundreds more) on a recent visit to Montreux in Switzerland. I would like to PS literally everything out except Freddie, his plinth, and the sea and sky. I'd like the foreground cleaned up, removing stains, manhole cover and steps. I've tried various things in PS, but always end up with strange halo like effects around the figure (it's a little overexposed), with a very uneven finish.

    I know it will make rather a strange looking shot, but I was thinking of using it as a frontpiece for something or other with some text.

    Really grateful for any hints here, I don't necessarilly want someone to do the work for me.

  2. Rob - I use PS Elements and the clone tool - I think - will achieve all you want to do here
  3. I suck at PS, but I do like playing with the content aware tools... 95% of what I did was with content aware delete, and the rest with the clone tool. I think with enough time you could probably do most of it with just the clone tool. But I am not good enough for that. lol

    I also cropped it 16x9 but that was just my own half assed thought. lol


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