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  1. Hey guys, I would really appreciate your opinions on a couple of old photo's that I had to choose between for a camera club meeting. I don't wish to bias the audience by giving any more information than that, I would just like to know which of the two pictures you prefer and why. Thanks y'all!

    [​IMG]Ride of Respect 2014 by Graeme Jago, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Ride of Respect 2014 by Graeme Jago, on Flickr
  2. Number two for me. I like both but the second one gets an edge because it shows the biker interacting with waving kids so captures more of the event atmosphere.

    Is the first vote enough to get you to reveal which one you submitted?
  3. If the guy was looking this way on the second picture if choose that one, but he's not, so I won't. Pic 1
  4. Ok, seeing as both forum members have now given their opinion, and I have finally got organised enough to get back into my forum account after an upsetting phone and dog based incident (Sony Z5 update - REAL easy to render utterly useless), I'll give you the facts, ma'am.

    I took both pictures when I went to see my boys and asked their and their mothers opinion. It was two to one in favour of image 1, however I decided to take the 2nd shot.

    At the club the judge penalised the picture for lack of depth of field leaving the rider out of focus, basically just not sharp enough. I showed him the other shot afterwards as I had it with me and he said he preferred it and would have scored it higher, because the rider is nice and sharp.

    For me, the reasons that @Ade gave for his choice are the same as the reasons I chose it, the engagement between the rider and the watchers, and the angle of the image make it feel more dynamic. Picture 1 is arguably better captured, but it's just a dude on his bike out of all context to me.

    As much as anything I just wanted to see if I was completely off base with my feelings, but I realise that it is a purely subjective matter, and as can be seen not only by my pictures, but also a lot of the equipment and techniques that I like to play with, sharpness of image is of lower than average importance to me. Sadly this is definitely not the opinion of any of the judges we get, for whom sharpness is the be all and end all...partially I feel because it is the only thing that they can glom onto and comment on in a definitive way.

    I appreciate your feedback as always guys, far more people in general seem to choose the first image over the second so I suspect that Ade and I are just weird :)

    To back up my point of sharpness not being that vital to me, a shot from the weekend where, owing to manual focus, pouring rain and a man walking rapidly away from me I managed to get EVERYTHING out of focus. That's an achievement in itself!

    [​IMG]Unfocused colour on a grey day by Graeme Jago, on Flickr
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    I like the first one the most.
    That brolly shot is the business.
  6. I marginally prefer the first one, just because with panning shots I do think it works better if the subject is sharp, even if the composition is not as interesting as in the second shot. It's definitely a subjective opinion though, and honestly if you like it f*ck the rest of us.
  7. Loving the brolly shot! Focus is for amateurs!
  8. I really appreciate your input on this guys, quiet though the forums are, they are still the only place I can have a conversation like this and get honest feedback and advice from people who's opinion and work I respect.

    Further to the above, I had another camera club meeting last night, and came away feeling a bit bummed out. It's not a case of feeling like I can't take the kind of photo's that the judges and other people like, although obviously there are many better than me, it seems to be more that my tastes are a long way away off from others. I'll stick the images I took last night below, although the guys scoring was all stupidly close across the board, a literal picture of rubbish, and I would say an uninteresting poorly framed and not well exposed picture of garbage did better than mine, amongst many others that did.

    So other than the obvious pity party I'm throwing for myself, I'm genuinely a little unsure as to how to proceed, at least with regards to pictures for this club, and possibly sharing in general. I know that we should shoot what we like and **** everyone else, but as my biggest problem seems to be be being drawn to unappealing shots, and to discarding those that others will like, do I need to work on re-educating my critical eye? I don't want to end up posting terrible shots convinced that they are amazing, there's enough people like that around already.

    @Davis Good to see you back on here mate, missed your unique charm the last couple of months.

    Topic for the competition was "Town and City life"

    [​IMG]Welcome to Oxford - Wonderland by Graeme Jago, on Flickr
    [​IMG]Oxford by Graeme Jago, on Flickr
    [​IMG]img275 by Graeme Jago, on Flickr
  9. I like this shot.

    Judging a book by it's cover.
    Much like your camera club judges, I'm not sure I would go with their recommendations, let alone allow it to bum you out.
  10. I'm not in a camera club (apart from this one) but I do have a wife who likes different photos to me. She says things like "can't you just shoot digital" and "just capture the moment".

    For me, photography is about me trying to be expressive, not about anyone else.

    It's nice when people like my work but I get used to odd remarks.

    Maybe you need an avant grade student clique club from the Uni :)

    Or maybe just enjoy what you do. I like your photos!
  11. As a designer I get people always having an opinion. You see, the more computers out there the more people think they can design. Likewise, lots of people have cameras and can surf the internet and so they feel entitled to an opinion.
    The way I have always judged whether to give a s*** about what another person thinks is a very simple rule. If they can explain why, then it's a valid argument. If they say they don't like something but never mention why, ignore it.

    For example, I like the bottom photograph the best on the newest set. I like the colour, and I like how the lady's hair matches the side of the boxes. However, I would have preferred it a tad lower to make you feel like you are more 'with them' but it may be a personal taste.

    If people never give proper feedback, **** em!
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