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Discussion in 'Technical threads' started by Ade, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. I have been looking for a way to control the power of my speedlights for ages. And it seems the Chinese manufacturers have been trying as well. So tonight I ordered these:


    Manual flashes with built in radio receivers and a transmitter to control them, including power settings!

    If these work I will be selling my Nikon SB600s. I'll report back when I have tested them.
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  2. I have the two of the godox v850's with their one giant battery. they have served me well on shoot and two weddings. the triggers arent built in but they are tiny.

    but i also have a couple of the the YN flashes one is ETTL never failed on me either :)
  3. I'm waiting on the 600RT rip off from Yongnuo - should be around end of October. Should work with the Canon wireless system.

    Today I was looking at this because I can't get Alienbees in Japan: I'm thinking that should put the sun at bay quite a lot ;)
  4. That Godox looks good. I looked for ages at those kind of lights before ordering the Yongnuos. A lot of money though, some of them.

    Do you know Lighting Rumours? Good site for reading up on lighting products.

    For my own choice I figured two speedlights equates roughly to 100Ws on a strobe. This is hugely approximate (some people say they are not comparable at all) but in terms of "cost per f-stop" it helped me to choose.

    So... 2 x YN560 is £130 (plus about £15 for a bracket that holds two speedlights). A Godox like that or equaivalent with the battery and remote power adjust is maybe £700 in the UK - Lencarta sell something like them with 600Ws.

    600Ws is approx 2.5 f-stops more light than two YN560s. So the extra £570 buys 2 f-stops. That is before I have to then buy all new modifiers.

    One advantage I do have is I own a Fuji X20 with a sync speed of 1/2000th. This kills 3 stops more ambient than the average camera. @Chris you have the Fuji X100 which is just as good on sync speed and better image quality.

    A bit of a ramble there but that's how I decided to stick with small lights for now.
  5. As I said in the other thread, the godox's are are about 350 quid plus about another 120 for the battery packs - its not too bad here.

    So I'm looking at Yongnuos first as they are easier to gel and that is one big plan that I want to get into. though the Godox has attracted me for different reasons.

    While you mention the amount of light coming from these flashes, there is a marked difference where it comes to light direction. A flash will always have a set direction and while stofens can be used at 20mm they do have a stop or so loss. With a bare bulb you can throw a lot of light around if you need to do that and softboxes tend to be lit more evenly. Also you can't grid two flashes paired next to each other unless you have a DIY setup, so there are reasons why this would be a good alternative to a few flashes but it's mostly something to use indoors/studio.

    Outdoors I'm happy to use flashes, easy to carry, gel and light enough to dump on cheapish stands
  6. I'm interested you mentioned about ETTL, because today was the first time I have ever used ETTL, I've always had flashes in manual. I think it's maybe because I don't do weddings and can plan stuff out. The only reason I had it on today was because I was in my kid's sports day
  7. i only use it if i have to and the room is bright enough to bounce the light.
  8. @Chris you are right of course about bare bulb lights spreading more light and more evenly filling soft boxes and umbrellas. I don't think I am good enough to notice the difference in my shots though :)

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