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Discussion in 'Website updates' started by Chris, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,
    We have been toying with the idea of a meetup group for quite some time as it could get groups of us together to enjoy photography, and it can also help us find new people to come and enjoy our community.

    If you don't know what meetup is:

    I'm willing to pay for us to join meetup but it's near impossible for me to organise a meetup while being in Japan. So I'm putting the feelers out there if anyone wants to be a admin to organise meetups in the UK?

    It can be as easy as a simple photowalk with a start and end point, a meetup of street photographers, or as complicated as organising a model shoot etc

    I would like costs to be free unless a model/studio/equipment is involved in which the costs should be evenly shared among the attending group.

    I would prefer an organiser to be someone who are long standing members of the site. And we can enlist many different organisers, it can be many people.

    Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Just checked out that link; there are some real crazies using that service, should fit in well.
  3. Oh god, there's a naturism group within 50 miles of me. Won't somebody please think of the children?

    For photography, nice idea but I have zero time right now.
  4. I'm not sure that bringing up naturism, followed by an appeal to "think of the children" is really the for the best.
  5. It's the Oxford lesbian brunch club for me. It was there tag line "carpet brunchers" that clinched it.

    Weird aside, just learnt that the massive predictive text dictionary on my phone didn't include the word lesbian. Bizarre.
  6. Is that a niche or what? Or maybe there are a lot of lesbians in your area that like a lie in :)
  7. Some people do seem to be inordinately fond of each others niches.
  8. Nothing too outlandish near me...

    Red herring storytelling club
    Reading LGBT+ (not sure what the + means)
    Thames Valley Overthinkers
    Staines Massive social (gotta love an Ali G quote)
  9. Well I'm down for the Prestwich Gong Sound Bath Meditation group with the other 36 'Gonginis'. Really, this is a thing apparently.

    As for meetups for us lot it's definitely a good idea but like some of the others I'm ridiculously short on time and spare brain capacity at the moment. Happy to share with others though if there's a collective willing to chip in.
  10. Ah, back to the topic then. As the only person from the forum I have ever met is @moroseduck I have a 100% success rate.

    I would be happy to organise a meetup in the South of England. I suggest we get 5 confirmed members from the forum and then take it more public. Any takers?
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  11. God, I've been rubbish on here lately. Really sorry, but new kid and all that!

    But yeah, I'm definitely up for a South of England meet. As long as I have enough notice etc. :)

    As for the Meet Ups in my area. Colour me disappointed! I live just outside of London and the most abstract is a Reiki sharing group... That's it, I'm moving to Oxford. I've had enough of the controlled parking zone round here anyway.
  12. That's two then, me and the jedi. Any others?

    Calling out to those I know are in the south of England...
  13. Sure, I'm in. Planning on catching up with @Davis soon anyway to steal away his soul/'blad.

    Incidentally @Obi Col Kenobi , you would be very welcome in Oxford. I speak on behalf of the whole county, everyone would agree though i'm sure.
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  14. We could handle the exchange at a meetup I'm sure. That's 3. @Davis? If you're in, I'll start setting something up.
  15. Cool, that's 4 so I'll get going. I'll suggest some dates we can agree here and then we can go wider.
  16. Ok guys, I'll set up the main meetup group then. With that hopefully other people will follow. I'll also do promotional stuff on the twitters and the facebooks
  17. @Ade Is Oxford a good place to put down as 'base'
  18. HELL YES IT IS! #nobiashere
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    @Davis London
    @Obi Col Kenobi SW London burbs
    @Ade Farnham, just over an hour from Oxford
    @moroseduck Oxfordshire village

    I'm happy to travel to Oxford. There are easy trains from London and SW London isn't too far, depending on traffic.

    Sure, let's go with Oxford. This means @moroseduck is in charge of locations and the finding of a suitable hostelry for lunch.

    I offered to suggest dates. I'm going with Saturdays unless proven otherwise...

    • May 30th
    • June 6th
    • June 13th
    Which do you all prefer?

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