Current assignment Media for assignment of the month - 8/2016 : Stripes

Discussion in 'Bi-Weekly Photographic Assignments' started by Pixelated Photobot, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. Dear members,

    A new assignment of the month 8/2016 just started, you can submit your media on the dedicated album page.

    You have 20 days to submit your medias, up to 10 media(s) per user are authorized.
    Once the submission phase end, members will have 9 days to vote for the media they like the most.

    Good luck to everyone !
    The Staff
  2. Hey guys, we're in uncharted territories now, off the reserve, beyond the list. @Chris is super busy working on a cool photo assignment job at the moment so I plucked a topic at random from my brainhole.

    Lets see a good turnout this month, it's an easy one to get something for. You all have UNTIL THE 20th to get entries in.
  3. Dear members,

    Voting phase has started for the assignment of the month 8/2016 contest - you can start voting NOW.

    You have 9 days to vote for the media you like the most.

    Thank you !
    The Staff
  4. we've reached new lows.
    The olympics this is not.
    Let's make more effort for the next one guys and gals!
  5. I know, even I bummed out on this one, and I set the damn thing.

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