Lomography Chutzpah

Discussion in 'Film, developing & other non-digital stuff' started by billowens, May 10, 2017.

  1. Making lemons into lemonade? Preventing only-a-little-defective film from landing in the tip? Brazen attempt to sell *anything* and call it "lomographic"?


    It has a "discreet yet distinct" pink line across some frames, which adds "an extra flash of analogue magic to your shots". Just like my old folding camera that has a "sudden flash of extra light in the frame when the sun strikes the bellows just right" or my Bolsey that "magically produces a hint of soft focus at a distance".
  2. atleast they don't make you pay more for it than the unwatermarked kind :p
  3. They should do, it's limited edition :)

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