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Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by mrho101, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Geeze louise, you don't offer much to play with! Did the best I could, my theory on noise is that if it's going to be unavoidable, go black and white and lean into it.

    Also, made me feel MUCH better to see another forum member with a good, dirty sensor :)

  2. What can I say it’s not my fault you have no imagination, I had loads of ideas like b&w but leave her coat yellow or do a tight crop or just some good old HDR.
    But thanks for the pointless comment.
  3. Ok, I really don't know why you felt the need to say that, but that's your problem. What I said regarding the "Not much to play with" was related to the fact that the image you posted was, as you know underexposed, and by the time I had pushed it over a stop to the correct exposure the noise was getting heavy. I apologise if my remark offended you, but I assumed that it was the challenge of doing something with a tricky image that prompted you to post it in the first place.

    Regarding my utter lack of imagination, I find selective colour generally (but not always) to be unpleasant, I think a tight crop could look really good, and I'm sure that someone who is competent at good old HDR could make a great image, but In both cases for me, starting out with an underexposed image would make that more tricky. I am certain that other more creative and competent people will get more from your picture, but this is what I got after spending time with it.

    I look forward to seeing what you and others come up with, and being proven wrong on both cases and more. I've enjoyed seeing the other pictures you've taken from this event on flickr, it looked like an interesting place.

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