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Discussion in 'Gear talk' started by Davis, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. I'm in need of a light meter.

    What are the forums thoughts on these things?
    New ones any good? Old is best? Top brands to look out for?

    I've already tried the lightmeter apps, and they work fine, but I would like a dedicated one at a nice price.
  2. I really want a good one, but as i've "invested" nearly a grand in other sound life choices this year it will have to wait. To get a decent sekonic or minolta will cosy over a hundred quid. I've heard the Gossen luna pro recommended as well. Old ones with selenium metres are a bit more hit and miss, i wouldn't buy without trying. I have one that kind of works, but whether it's better than an app, or even sunny 16 is debatable.
  3. I've got one of these:

    Which is more than enough for my needs, but it depends if you need bells and whistles or just something simple to use when you are out and about. You can probably get them on ebay for not too much money.

    As Mr Duck says, old selenium ones can be ropy as the cells in them degrade so if you find/buy one testing is essential. Of these, if you can track down a Weston Master V you will be in good shape.
  4. I want bare bones from this meter, nothing to do with flash and no telephone cord 2 peice affair.
  5. Your pic/link isn't showing on my phone Iain
  6. semi tempted by this

    seems a bit expensive though
  7. I suspect I may not have cut/paste correctly. Regardless, that Sekonic is the one I have. It works fine, although I do often forget which way to set it for incident and reflected light.
  8. I have its big brother the L-308s. Probably more than you are looking for but it works well for incident light and flash. Reflected light it is not so good as it has no focusing so seems to read everything in a 180 degree radius.
  9. I've read a bit into the L208 now and might buy one myself. I like that you can sit it on the hotshoe and just take readings, no faffing to carry something else around with you.

    @Davis it would work great on the Cosmic Symbol!

    I think the 208 would fix my reflected light metering as well. The specs say it has a 33 degree angle of view. On 35mm film that would equate to a bit narrower than a 50mm lens which would be perfect. On a wider lens or on 120 film it would be more like a good centre weighting so you could meter quite accurately from a distance - perhaps.
  10. I think the L208 is the one - looks better and is loads cheaper.

    Sadly I left everything too late pre holiday, panicked and picked up the only one in the store - a L308.

    Worst bit of all is that sunny 16 works just as well in the way I use it.

    Maybe if I grew a pair and used flash it would be useful, but as it stands I regret buying it.
  11. I don't think the flashing the L308 supports is anything to do with your pair :)
  12. Yarr, Zombie thread!

    I got some money from me dear old Nan for Chrimble, and I've been sitting on it (not literally) since then as I wanted to actually buy something of note with it, as opposed to a big shop at Lidl.

    Popped in to my head last week that I'm still in need of a light meter, even though I am really bloody good at guessing, and so I treated myself to this bad boy : LINK

    I got it new on ebay for £109, which I know is a lot, but this is one of those purchases that will hopefully last me a lifetime. Battery free, awesome looking and just a really nice thing to have and hold. I did start by looking at the digital ones, and I realise that going digital would have been the smarter choice, but I'm not about to start down that path when making dumb choices is working out so well for me.
  13. That's a hot looking light meter!
    Anything photography related that doesn't need a battery gets a big thumbs up from me.
  14. Whoah, cool! Like the big brother of my Sekonic 208 which is made of really cheap plastic and needs a battery.

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