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  1. I've been planning a photoshoot with Kayo, someone I got in contact with via model mayhem since before Christmas.

    I was hoping for a much more floral look but after our hmua dived out of the shoot at the last moment I had to find another (quite costly) hmua instead. So the concept kinda got lost.

    I took a lot of pics on this shoot from plain white all the way to spotlights. I'll slowly keep adding the images in here.

    Lesson learned here. Budget better, trust only people you know.


    Above is the same image with a different crop. I found some fake plastic leaves in the studio and duct-taped them to my light stands.
    I have two ad360s on a relative low power each side of her and I used my new ring flash but mounted on a stand pointing down, you can just see it in the catch lights. Here I'm using it as hair light to push the light down the side of her hair. Her hair is so dark it very much needed the light on its own.

    More to come soon
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  2. This is a good look! I think I prefer the wider crop and I like the effect of the focus dropping away a the bottom.
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