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  1. Hey guys, just a quick question.
    For those who shoot RAW and JPG at the same time on the camera, what happens when you import both sets into lightroom?

    The reason I ask is because I have taken pics on the x100 with JPG and RAW mode saved to the card, when imported to lightroom the JPGs aren't included. Which really annoys me because I like the velvia look of the JPEGs and want to replicate it with the raw

    Any ideas?
  2. Under Preferences... General Tab... About half way down check the box that says "Treat JPG Files Next to RAW Files as Separate Photos" and that should do it for you. Then you can use the Metadata filter and sort out the RAW/JPG if it becomes to much to keep track of them all on the same screen. Another option I have used is to filter then out so I am only looking at JPG or RAW, then add a Color Label. That way for example I when they are all up I know the Blue ones are JPG. If that makes sense.

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  3. Cheers mate - that was what I wanted. I find that a very dodgy option buried int he back of the options like that. its a good job I paid attention otherwise I could have lost my pictures
  4. Yeah, it is kind of odd. I would have thought a better way to do it would be to import both the RAW and JPG and then just stack them or something.
  5. Excellent, been puzzling over this myself today. Knew it was in there somewhere. Cheers.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one trying to work it out!
  7. 3 years later and I find the answer to a question thats been bothering me. Pixelated forums are the home for all knowledge and wonder.
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