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Discussion in 'Say Hello' started by Kevin Kethcart, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. I just found the Sunny 16 podcast about a week ago or so when I was searching to find other film photography podcasts not uncovered previously. Glad I did! Been enjoying the most recent episodes!

    A bit about me.. I'm from the Chicagoland area in Illinois, USA and have been shooting film for 2 short years. In the last 6 months, I've had a renewed interest in it since I picked up an Epson v550, greatly reducing the cost and friction of getting film scans! Though, maybe also decreasing the amount of free time I have, scanning takes forever! But it is fun nonetheless.

    Check out my profile for a quick bio and an overview of my gear, if you like. Also, I update regular content on my blog and am currently doing a giveaway for a Minolta AL-E. Feel free to join!

    Glad to have found y'all.

    Kevin K.
  2. Hi Kevin, welcome. I'm glad you like the show!

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  3. Hello from another newbie! :)

    you've got a pretty well put together website. and you're elsewhere too I see.I hadn't heard of before and it doesn't load for me so I'll have to ask you what it is?

    I get what you're talking about shooting too wide to handle on your blog. 1.4 can be a bit of a challange :D I got a bit better after changing the focus screen on my OM-2 to an all matte one.

    the vinyls are interesting too btw :)

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