It's funny how things influence your photography

Discussion in 'Photography chatter' started by Chris, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. While I was hunting for camera gear I came across a book I had where I had saved inspirational pictures. This was when I was back in college.

    Here are a few of the pictures.



    Then in the next post I'll put up some pictures that I took a little while back. Spooky!!!

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  2. Definitely spooky! I wonder what my reading has done to my photography? Probably not enough!
  3. The guy from Die Hard was a photographer?!?

    It is amazing how stuff gets filed away in your brain, we see so much and you'll never consciously know what inspirations you might be pulling from. It's a great argument for exposing yourself to as much and as varied a body of work as you possibly can.
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  4. Dont get this one - flew over my head
  5. Oh come on now, did you not see the name of the photographer who took the shot of the pier posts in the water? If you still don't get it...

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  6. Hahaha I just didn't notice the name. Btw he is right, getting off a plane that you've been sat on all day and then putting your feet on carpet is the best feeling ever lol

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