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Discussion in 'Gear talk' started by Ade, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. My new iPhone 6s arrived as advertised on Friday. First impressions are great...

    1. 12MP camera is very clear and great resolution. Even works for zooming in through crops in post.

    2. Live Photos. Bit of a gimmick really. I will persevere though as it does have little bit of magic when it works. This might be the classic Apple trick of simply implementing really well. I don't have to switch things around to shoot video but I still get a couple of seconds of movement and audio. I wonder how long it will take to tire of it?

    3. Weird one - launching the camera turns off your music. I think this is because of the Live Photos. Creates a disjointed experience but maybe the phone cannot play back music and record different audio at the same time.

    4. Seems fast enough for camera and editing apps.

    5. Even LR works reasonably though import is still very slow.

    6. Any editing of a Live Photo in Apple Photos loses the Live bit and turns it into a plain old jpeg. If using non-destructive editing app though like Snapseed or Hipstamatic 300 then the Live Photo is preserved because the editing apps save copies.

    7. Any Live Photo or image edited with non-destructive apps appears to LR mobile as a RAW file and if you ask LR to import then you can't see it afterwards. I need to check my big computer to see what becomes of these files. However, LR mobile import shows a normal jpeg alongside the "RAW" file which you can import normally.

    That's about it for now I think. I'll add more thoughts as they occur.
  2. I think the reason that the sound shuts off is down to some regions requiring a shutter sound to photographic devices. For example here in Japan, by law all phones must make a shutter sound to avoid old men taking upskirt pictures on trains (yes, I'm actually serious!)
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  3. I've heard that before. Usually though it is not an issue for the rest of us. For example, I can easily put my Fuji cameras into silent mode and my iphone as well.
  4. A brief update. All is good in the land of iPhone 6s. I haven't found any niggles yet with it. I think I will get more complete benefit though when I upgrade my iMac to El-Capitan when it should be able to render the Live Photos properly with animation. Maybe LR will support them as well.

    I'm still not tired of the Live Photos. Or the slow-mo video.
  5. I've just acquired the new Z5 compact with it's 23 mp camera. Not really had a chance to use it over the last few glorious days, but once I have I'll report back.
  6. Cool. According to this page your new camera is waterproof (for splashes) and has the best of all Sony cameras in it. So that'll be the A7RS Turbo, the X3000 video cam and everything!
  7. It was the waterproofing that was the deciding factor for me, the new samsungs aren't and it's a fact of life in my line of work. Not had much chance to play yet, need time to figure out what the optimal settings are for it - its set to 8mp by default, not sure if the light sensitivity is better at lower megapixel count or not. Low light does seem reasonable - decent colour rendition but terrible sharpness, ok on a phone sized screen.

    Need more play time!
  8. I've had the 6S since the day it came out and overall it's a nice upgrade to the 5S I had before. Specifically camera wise it is a nice step up and everything about this one is better than before.

    Live photos I got bored of after a week or 2 so that is turned off now. Yes music is muted/paused when you go to the camera (still or video) and I think that is to do with the audio being captured when using the camera (Live photos also records audio).

    A word of warning regarding upgrading to El Capitan - if you have hard drives in any form of Raid then don't upgrade. Disk Utility does not support the creation or maintenance of any Raid drives. This is a massive issue for me as I've been having problems with my various drives for the last few months and I just purchased another one to try to sort everything out. I upgraded my Mini yesterday only to discover that whilst I can see the Raid I have no way of seeing what the staus is (ie is it Live, Degraded, is there a Drive Missing etc) nevermind being able to sort out any issues with this. I am not amused at all and think that Apple have really dropped the ball on this. Yes you can still manage Raid's via Terminal but this is an area I have never had to go to before and don't see why I should have to learn commands to use in Termainal just because Apple has decided to remove a GUI to do it!
  9. That sucks about El Capitan. Are Apple acknowledging the issue?

    Back on the iPhone 6S I have noticed an interesting camera feature. My 3rd party camera apps are not achieving the same clarity of image as the native app. I have both 645 Pro (for control) and VSCOCam and neither seems to be able to produce image clarity and sharpness close to the native app. I wonder why?
  10. That's insane! Wtf are they doing!?!
  11. Yup so this weekend I'm putting my Mini back to Yosemite
  12. @Batty79 what RAID do you have? I am just researching for my own computer. Would you recommend what you have? I am looking to run 3-4Tb mirrored (8Tb total disk) and looking at WD, G-Technology, Lacie etc.
  13. Currently running 2x3Tb WD external drives that are mirrored via OS X
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  15. I think that's the kinda route I'd want to go down in the future when my current setup gets older.
  16. I'll let you know. It arrived today I think. Got home late and haven't opened the box yet. I'll test the hardware raid versus LaCie software versus disk utility and see if OS X is still missing bits.

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