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    Today I delivered a 90 page magazine to a client. It was a job that I only started last Wednesday. While that was happening I overlooked another 3 magazine projects, had client meetings, 1 20-page advertising campaign to finish off and a website that was supposed to get launched that didn't.

    Meanwhile in Chris' freelance world I delivered a website to a client and have booked in three 3 photowalks in the next few months.

    Quite honestly, I'm now fucked. I don't remember what happened in January or February. I went for a week in Hawaii with the family, but I actually don't remember getting there. I only took pictures of my kid because I didn't have a single thing planned, I didn't even know where I was going. Though it was a break I really needed!

    Needless to say the end of the Japanese financial year is almost here, my freedom is almost back.

    This week I bought some new light stands to replace the shitty free ones I had with some bad lighting gear. On my last photo shoot I could see the light stand strain with the weight and almost fall so I bought these 50 quid each light stands manfrotto. Not cheap, but certainly well built. The only problem is that they are MASSIVE! Even folded they are bigger than my daughter. They are also tough too. Last night the Roomba decided to go for a walk, knock over the light stands that I stupidly left there and flew over and broke the bin. I think these light stands will last a while! Interesting thing is that they fold flat and can also clip together for carrying.

    Anyway, I'm back. I have a photoshoot next week that has been months in planning and I'm excited that I can think clearly again!

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  2. Yay, @Chris is back! Wait, who the **** is Chris?

    Good to hear that you're coming down the other side of the mountain mate, sounds like you've had a fairly ridiculous time of it. Great to hear that you're picking up more and more freelance work.
  3. sounds like a fun filled couple of months
  4. Welcome back dude!

    I remember buying my first Manfrotto light stand - at least twice as big as anything I ever had before. And still only medium-sized I think compared to others I have seen. Have fun with the upcoming shoot!
  5. She's grown quite a bit since September. Noticed you'd been quiet. Work still busy too but definitely hoping to use my camera more. Thinking of starting a thread showing where I've been with my camera, what I've shot and how I change how I shoot. Bit like a car build thread but with the life of the camera
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