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  1. Me: The guys are forcing me to do film s***, where's my old camera stuff?
    Mother: what old camera stuff?
    Me: All my camera stuff!!?!
    Mother: you took it with you!
    Me: no I didn't! Is it in the attic?
    Mother: ..........

    Found it all in the attic, 2 cameras, lenses and dev kit.

    Only problem now it trying to work out how the fk to get it home to Japan


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  2. leave some of your digital s*** behind to make space...
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  3. Never!!!

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  4. This is awesome! And judging by the photo's, if you can't make any money from your photography at least you can start up a business offering enemas :)
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  5. Hahaha true!

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  6. Welcome to the future of photography @Chris!

    I was talking to a friend a few years back about the difference between digital audio tech and old analog gear. He said the reason people crave the old stuff is it is better. BUT, the reason it is better is that they have spent over a hundred years since electricity was harnessed working on this stuff. Digital technology even now isn't mature enough to beat the old stuff.

    Buy film and shoot it! ;)
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  7. Future, past, whatever! ;) I'm not sure that the key is people spending a lot of time perfecting things; much of what goes on in analog sound is rehashing of ancient tech, frequently with woo-woo add ons like silver wire for interconnects and granite bases on vacuum tube amps. Having heard a truly high-end system that had top of the line kit in both analog and digital, I can say that I prefer the analog. Not that it is better in some particular way, just that I prefer it, and I think there is something about analog that is appealing to the human senses.

    Since I'm not an audio hobbyist, I don't actually have an analog system. I listen to all my music on digital players, typically on mediocre headphones or crap speakers, and that's good enough. It's only in photography that I'm willing to go the extra mile(s) to work in analog. Some of the time, anyway...
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  8. Fair point Bill. Preference is possibly more what I should have said than "better". I prefer analogue photography most of the time.

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