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  1. I prefer the black and white image, the colours in the other are a bit much for me.
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  2. @moroseduck do you just prefer BW or do you feel the color is too saturated?
  3. The colour is quite saturated, but not grossly so. It gives the image a punchy, graphic feel, which is cool, but the black and white shows off the light better, and without the distraction of the colour the shapes and lines are easier to appreciate (and a very pleasant shape it is). The only thing I feel is lacking a little is texture, her skin, in particular on her arms and hands is super smooth, looks a little artificial.

    Regardless, it's a great shot, really nicely posed, and very nice lighting.
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  4. OK; I like vivid color but don't want to overdo it. Speaking of overdoing it, I was hoping I didn't make her look too "dollish" Guess I'm still walking that fine line between "nice photo!" and "EWW! Too much Photoshop!"

    Thanks for commenting!
  5. BW for me. there's something with the skin in the colour one that doesn't sit right with me maybe its too soft/smooth
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  6. Thanks @evilmunky. I agree the skin looks to smooth. I went back and looked at the PSD file and discovered the opacity of that layer was at 86%. It should have been around halve that. Don't know how I missed that.
  7. Yeah, black'n'white. Not sure why, but for me the lippy is a bit out there on the colour wheel for a dress of that hue. The monochrome shot is close to being silhouetted by the window, so maybe a little fill light on her hair? Can you recompose to add her fingertips and the top of her hair? Apologies if this all sounds a bit overly critical, 'cos I quite like the shot.
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  8. @Rob Edwards what's a "lippy"? That's the actual color of the dress but I did but up the vibrance slightly. I wasn't too concerned about her fingertips (or the thumb on her left hand which is what I assume you're talking about); for me, there was just enough of the appendage showing to indicate she did have a thumb. :)

    I would have liked to make her hair fuller on the right side but I kept botching it up so I let it be. Not sure what you mean by the BW almost being silhouetted though. Sure, some bounce light would have been great but it doesn't look like the model is darker than the she should be; am I missing what you're meaning here?

    Thanks for commenting! :)
  9. Both are very nice, but I like the colour one more.
    It seems to have more pop, really nice pop.
  10. I agree with the guys here, but I think I know what is throwing it. Reduce the amount of red in the colour shot, and it'll look more balanced though you will need to mask out the lipstick as you probably don't want to reduce the colour of that specific red.

    I would have liked to have seen some light kick back into her eyes from some sort of bounce from the window light (maybe a clamshell approach with 2 reflectors?).

    The guys also commented on the crop, I'd agree the fingers are off by not being in, but you can crop closer to fix that.

    Don't get me wrong though, I like both - I think they look great, these are just general comments from me.

    p.s. she looks like a bombshell! ;)
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    @Chris thanks! The designer who supplied the clothing was also supposed to supply the lighting as I don't have access to gear when I'm not in school. I didn't find out until I'm at the shoot that she didn't make the arrangements; I'd have brought my reflectors if nothing else... but I digress. Working with masks is the next on my "To-Do" list in LR/PS.

    You mention cropping closer to make the fingers appear more? I'll have to experiment with that. Oh, and Tamara is definitely a bombshell! Six feet tall, size 12 (14 in UK standards I think) and ALL curves! Gorgeous with a personality to match, such a sweetheart!
  12. I'm talking about cropping in. Can it work horizontally etc
  13. Definitely b&w for me. The light is quite subtle and it really shapes the shot when it's in black and white. The subtlety is lost in the colour version in my opinion. She also has the look of a classic 1950s actress so looks like she belongs in black and white. Nice shot
  14. More than a touch of Nigella about this model.
  15. @Daverino9 if you're speaking of Nigella Lawson, I can definitely see why you'd say that!
  16. Defintely B&W for me, a perfect contrast and as others have said, it compliments the light really well. Nice work mate. :)
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