How was your photography in 2016?

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Was 2016 a good year for you?

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  1. I usually put one of these posts up every year as a point of reflection for everyone.

    Certainly we can celebrate this website having a new podcast with @moroseduck and @Ade leading the helm and doing a fantastic job.

    As for personal photography stories, please share you favourite shots of the year, let us know what you learned and what you failed at.
  2. Favourite shot of the year:


    Highlights of the year - getting out a bit more in general, having my most succesful year in terms of sales and getting back into film and the darkroom (with thanks to the Sunny16 guys for the kick up the arse for that).

    Failed at: being invited onto any podcasts :O_o: Also, (and more seriously) the art group I joined with fairly high hopes has died a complete death.
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  3. I'm voting yes, for a number of reasons. I can't say that I've produced any work this year that I'm proud of, but what I have done is made time to take photo's for the sake of taking photo's, rather than just family occasions and kids events, and that is a big step up from the year before.

    Add to that all the good things that have come from us starting up the podcast, all the awesome people I've got to know at least a little, the fact that it's helped get me, the forums and even old @IainK back on a better footing for doing stuff, all the great images I've got to see. It's been something I didn't anticipate and it's a helluva reward for doing the show.

    As for show invites, now you've got your thumb from up your bum @IainK and got back into shooting you know you've got to come on, we need more ethnic minorities to get our diversity quotient up ;)
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  4. I'd say on the whole, yes. I've had a pretty good year, at least in terms of professional work. Done plenty of weddings and portraits, many of which I'm quite proud of. But, I do feel I've slipped a little on my own personal photography. Not just of my family, but other random things that get my attention.

    I noticed this when I joined the local camera club and realised that aside from weddings and family photos, I barely had anything I could submit into the competitions. In light of that, I'm making more of an effort to get out and take photos. Been to Richmond Park twice and planning on taking a day off soon and head up town to central London (might even pay a visit to this camera museum I heard on some film photography podcast).

    Not sure if we're talking about New Year resolutions or aspirations, but I'll go on anyway. :)

    I'm actually hoping to take more portraits and get a bit more experimental. I did a few weddings where I experimented with some speedlights and colour gels, and got some pretty cool results, so more of that. Fingers crossed, I'm planning to do a shoot with a make-up artist at some point and a wedding editorial shoot too. So, exciting and mentally rewarding times ahead, hopefully.

    Anyhow, some of my favourites below:






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  5. @moroseduck that comment was a little (completly unjustified and unfair) dig at @Chris as i think we talked about a pp podcast back in feb 16 :thumbsup:

    Would be more than happy to have a chat with you guys though, let me know if that's ok and some sort of date.
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  6. Well I thought I had a good years photos. first nude shoot (the model not me)

    playing with smoke too. nearly choking on it too at a wedding haha.

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    From the stuff I've seen from your work last year you had a great photographic year, some real growth and excellent results. Looking forward to seeing what 2017 is going to bring, beyond more quotes about positivity than I knew existed :)
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  8. "In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision"

    develop see what i did there ;)

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