How to remove unwanted objects & dust from photographs using Photoshop CS5

Discussion in 'Photo Challenges' started by Chris, May 5, 2011.

  1. A quick guide on how to remove things using photoshop - you may be surprised how easy it is to remove things using content aware.

    Don't worry, I have some more photography-based ones coming up!

    So for this challenge, try some of the techniques explained here and show us a before and after.
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  2. Great vid dude. As a gimper I don't have access to that fancy shmancy content aware stuff, but I did spend quite some time last night playing with the healing tool and I'll post up my efforts when my wife isn't around to kill me for doing so.
  3. Here is mine... I figured I would use my Lion picture from before. I included the original raw version at the top, then the middle is after my Lightroom edits, and finally the last one is after I removed that stupid stick. You can see I am not that good at it, especially when you look at the before and after side by side. But it is an amazing feature of CS5 that I hope to get better with.

    Great video Chris, thanks for the great tips!

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  4. Ok, so I was going to post these in the critique my phot section anyway, but they fit with this, so please just give your advice on them here instead!

    This is my first attempt at this kind of photo makeover - I spent way too long on it last night trying to get a feel for GIMPS tools. In the end I'm fairly happy with it as a first attempt, but would appreciate all suggestions.

    Process was using heal tool to remove lines and marks, and then smudge tool to smooth skin. I tried airbrushing but could not get even close to happy with it.

    If my wife sees these on here, I'm a dead man, just so's you know.
    Before.jpg After.jpg
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  6. I think that's a brilliant attempt, I'm crap at photoshopping people, always end up losing my temper and moving back to LR. I've been thinking about that Scott Kelby book myself to be fair to see if it can show me where I keep going wrong with them... Here's one I processed over the weekend, mix of PS and LR to brighten up the image and give it more of a studio feel...

    Rhys and Cerys LR start-7513 by ASBO Allstar, on Flickr

    122:365 - Rhys and Cerys... by ASBO Allstar, on Flickr
  7. I agree, that is actually a really good job you have done there. please be aware that this photo will be used to hold you to ransom in the future! lol

    I think the only thing extra you can do is get rid of any loose hairs, the loose bit from her top in the back. Good job!
  8. ................................................

    Fascinating stuff. I don't have the "content aware" option in my PS Elements 8 Spot Healing tool. What were you using Chris? I think I might invest in it.
  9. Investing is not a cheap option - I have Photoshop 5 on my system but I'm lucky as I have access via work as it's what I use every day.
    I heard the content aware features in 6 have jumped incredibly but I won't be buying version 6 (we normally skip a year due to costs and template issues) - but I'd love to give it a go.

    I think they strip all the most advanced stuff from elements to make you go and buy the full version
  10. Ah, I expected it to be one of the things they withheld from Elements, crafty so-and-so's. Thanks for the reply, I'll look into it a little further.
  11. Good video. :)

    Been using the clone stamp tool quite a bit - fixing old family photos. My parents gave me an old biscuit tin full of shots from the 1940's, quite a few of them are in a bad state. Had a go at fixing this one of my granddad the other night, took me about 3 hours to do! Think I need to do something with the tree's in the background as you can clearly see where I've cloned a bit too much.


    Fixed/Ruined (depending on your point of view):
  12. Wow, great job! I would not have noticed anything as far as the tree goes. Really cool to see this, and even more so that they have meaning for you. Love it!
  13. Cheers Adam - always encouraging to hear feedback from another set of eyes - sometimes when you work on something for a while you can turn into you're own worst critic. As I said, I've got plenty more so I'll be sure to post them as and when. :)
  14. I totally know what you are saying.. I have edited out things before and that is ALL I can see afterwards. Even if 100 people tell me otherwise all I see is that spot/branch/hair/etc that I removed. lol.. Again, overall I say it is a FANTASTIC job!

  15. Very impressive Col! I can see why it must have taken a long time.
  16. Good stuff - glad you found some of the info useful

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