Hopscotch 2: The paddling pool

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  1. After my Doh! moment last week it was sunny again yesterday. So out came the lights again and this time I used the Fuji X20. At f/4, 1/1000th sec, ISO 100 I was a stop or two below the ambient lighting. This time I also used 2 SB600s behind the umbrella, both at full power.

    One thing I learned - umbrellas are great at protecting photo kit from splashing water! Not a big surprise I suppose but better than some other modifiers would be.

    So this time I got the lighting effect I was going for...

    006 DSCF2256.jpg

    This is straight out of camera jpeg, just downsized for the web.

    A possible alternative would be to buy a bigger light and shoot something like f/11, 1/125th sec, ISO 100. This would have balanced the ambient but would need 3 more stops of lighting and would have made the water look very different as well.

    I totally agree with the view that you can take good images with any camera - it is afterall the photographer that chooses how and what to shoot. In this case though, the equipment was important - I simply couldn't have taken this shot with any other of my cameras.
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