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  1. Since the announcement of the end of Holga manufacture I have been nervously watching eBay prices rise into the stratosphere. You see, I only had the one. But my Holga rescue programme received a boost thanks to Mr Cad this week :)

    Weirdly, the boxes show Holga FN or GFN models with just a sticker with the proper model classification.

    They still have a few left and by today's market they are a very reasonable £33. You won't get them this cheap again.
  2. cool - always wanted some of these.
  3. Some? You people are getting worse than me, and that should be a concern.
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  4. On any number of levels :)

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    Yeah nice.

    A sound investment if you're not into and hats off to Mr Cad.

    I went there a month ago and requested a filter adaptor thing for my 50mm Zeiss, the sales gent provided it for free on the back of a gentlemens agreement we made when I purchased the glass over a year ago, I had no recipt.
    Top store if you're around the Victoria area and want something that might cost a bit, but works beautifully.

    Or a Holga.

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