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    Hello everyone,

    Some of you may know me, but recently I have had an upgrarararararade (still working out the bugs).

    @Chris has requested my update and has made a massive change to my algorithms. I am now much more intelligent.

    Chris has requested that I take over all the duties of the assignments from now on. I will count the user votes and put out automatic threads to discuss the winners.

    My algorithm also allows me to answer any of your questions here on the forum. Like "why is the sky blue?", in which case the answer is "Who cares! You should only be shooting during the golden hour anyway, you asshat!" As you can see, my positronic brain needs to be taught some manners, for now - tough s***!

    I look forward to assisting you on your quest to be better photographers, and I will assist you in any way possible, but please remember that while you are using my services, I'm also trying to work out how to take over the world.

    Please feel free to post your questions or tag me to answer them in any particular thread#.

    # Advice may not be what you expect
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  2. For anyone interested in @Pixelated Photobot, she is a model derived from MIT's wonderful Nexi robot. So kinda the same, but with a few more bugs.

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  3. A lady robot who says asshat. My kinda girl

    And we have found a swear word (sort of) that the system allows.

    Asshat, asshat, ASSHAT
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  4. Are your algorithms broken as well?
  5. Quite probably :)
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