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  1. Hi,

    My name is Malcolm Myers but I go by the tag of photovalve. I found this site via the Sunny16 podcast which I am currently catching up on.

    I'm 48 and have been keen on photography since my early teens. I've got about 30 cameras of all shapes, sizes and price points (I've lost count really) and I enjoy both digital and film photography. Film is 90% B&W, some slide and medium format C41. I develop my B&W films at home and then scan them in. I've done a lot of darkroom printing in the past but don't have the time or space right now. I did think "I'll never do a darkroom print again now that I have a scanner" but I used to love printing so maybe when the kids are older ...

    And that brings me neatly to my photography. I am an engineer (electronics and software), not an artist and I know I'll never be an artistic photographer. So, like Ade, I enjoy portraiture. Taking pictures of my family and people close to me so that we can all look back in years to come and smile.

    Yesterday I got my cheap shot challenge camera. I think it'll give Graeme's Olympus a run for its money. But more on that later.

    Looking forward to getting involved,

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  2. Hi Malcolm - similar story here bit I've manages to keep darkroom printing going as they grew up helps with the sanity - I'm on episode 16 - have to look out for my camera now !

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