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  1. Hi there,

    My name is Mads and I'm a Dane living just north of Munich, Germany, on my seventh year now.

    In 2014 I sold all my big and bulky Nikon DSLR gear and bought a used Leica M8.2. I wanted to slow down and focus more on the process of taking the photo instead of shooting the Nikon as if it was a machine gun and then select my photos back in front of the computer.

    Shooting the M8 for about a year made me realize that I was on the right path. So I upgraded to an M9 :)

    Earlier this year I felt like I needed to slow even further down and really get into the true photography art, meaning shooting film. I haven't shot in film since high school (which is now soooome years ago).

    Together with a colleague we started to talk about medium format film and we both bought a medium format camera and started our quest into analog photography.

    I bought a mint condition Hasselblad 503cx with a 80mm f/2.8 Zeiss lens. And now I think I have found my true calling and I simply love the process of spending minutes in getting setup just for one shot instead of just firing away.

    Searching the web for more inspiration I stumbled upon the Sunny 16 podcast and also this forum. I have been listening to all the episodes from the very beginning.

    The very inspirational guys at the Sunny 16 Podcast actually made me want more and also from simpler older cameras. I ended up buying a Canon Canonet QL19 rangefinder with a working light meter (have to hack the battery as the old mercury ones are not available anymore). The camera is about the same age as me :)

    I barely just got my first roll of Portra 400 developed and scanned, but it was a great experience and I expect to experiment more with this camera.

    The Hasselblad is a beast so it will only be used for more dedicated photo trips and most likely most black and white.

    I just sold my laptop, so until I get a new one in order to share some photos, you are welcome to take a look at my website: http://madshugopedersen.com

    Cheers and thanks for the inspiration from both this forum and the Sunny 16 Podcast.

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  2. Hi @Mads Hugo Pedersen and welcome to the forum. Glad you like our podcast as well! I'm envious of the Hasselblad, would love to try one at some point.
  3. Hello Mads,

    Welcome to the forums! Great to have another 'blad shooter around these parts.

    Super pics on your website, I hope you're planning on joining in the cheap shots challenge?
  4. Thanks Davis. Even though I got my Canonet cheap, it's a bit more expensive than what the cheap shots challenge allows. I think I got it for €60 inkl shipping...

  5. Welcome to the forum @Mads Hugo Pedersen , really great to see you on here and hear about your adventures! Love the pictures on your website, you've got a great eye whatever camera you're shooting, which means that when you find yourself a bargain bucket camera for the cheap shots challenge I know you'll do well - no excuses now :)

    Also a big thank you for listening to the podcast, it always amazes me when people other than my Mum do :)
  6. Thanks @moroseduck and thanks for the shoutout in podcast #23

    I'm checking eBay to see if I can find something suitable/fun within the budget for the cheap shots challenge. Let's see...


    Ps, nobody outside of Denmark can say my name correctly, so you did just fine in the podcast.

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