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Discussion in 'Say Hello' started by Ben, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all, not been on here in a very long time but keen to get back into taking a few more photos (and MoroseDuck kept nagging me to get my arse back on here!).

    Since I've been away I switched from my first 'proper' camera (Canon 500D) to the Fuji X-T1. Had it pretty much since launch and bloody love it. All the firmware updates have been superb, but just love how nice and vibrant the pictures look. Got the 18-55 kit lens and just picked up the 55-200 in the recent cashback promo too.

    Just heard about the meetup on the podcast, would have loved to come along but I'm off on my hols that day :-(
    Hopefully there'll be another one sometime soon!
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  2. Welcome back dude - I'm sure more meetups are coming! I so want that Fuji BTW!
  3. Yay, Benny Boy's back! Hope you're getting to grips with your XT-1 better than you are with Rocket League, because I don't think we can get Jools to take up photography and sign up on here to make you look good by comparison :)

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